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  1. Thank you so much! I do think the niacinimide is a huge factor too. I also think that using salicylic acid combined with BP helps, and constantly preventing drying; maybe it's all of the above! I recently ordered some of Dan's AHA, so I'm hoping that will help fade some of the marks. I did try an anti-acne type diet earlier this year. I was taking 50mg zinc gluconate, omega 3 (in the form of fish oil), and doing a strict Paleo diet. I could only last a month doing this, as it was starting
  2. I've read this theory, and I have to say that I personally disagree with it. If you massage your cleanser into the face (which would mean it's sitting on your face for ~1 minute), then the SA can absolutely help at least in SOME way. If it were true that it was completely useless in a cleanser, then my current regimen wouldn't have cleared me up. I do agree that topical SA/BHA is ideal for blackheads (no facewash is going to eliminate your blackheads), but that doesn't mean cleansers with it
  3. My friend actually had a similar reaction to a different Neutrogena face wash. It could be the fragrance? Often that can cause allergic reactions in those with sensitive skin.
  4. Ok finally got some pictures! One was taken before I started any of this on 9/1. The second was taken this morning. They were both taken at the same time of day (AM), no makeup, same room/lighting. The after set was taken with an iPhone 6, the before set with a 4s. The camera quality on the 6 is much better, so if anything the after is more "revealing." Due to that (the crappy front camera on the 4s), it was worse than it looked. Before (9/1): After (9/21):
  5. I am so glad someone else has done/is doing this! I actually have been using a SA/BP combo on my bacne for a long time. I use St. Ives Green Tea scrub (1% SA) and the AcneFree cleanser (2.5%BP). I actually just mix both in my hands and use it. Unfortunately it was too harsh for my face (as were other combos I tried w/ and w/o scrubs), but I did find a SA/BP regimen that has cleared me up completely for the moment: It also has niacinimide and green tea extract.
  6. You sound like you are going through a similar situation as me recently. My face got so irritated it was unbearable. At times I didn't even want to leave the house (which I have never felt like in my life). I stumbled upon this thread on these forums and it sounds like this might be helpful for you: I can't thank the creator of that thread enough!
  7. I just had to make a comment (first post!) on this thread as I have tried this. Quick background: Severe acne as teenager, eventually resolved with Accutane, was "dormant" for ~5 years, came back mild/moderate but was OK on BCP, eventually decided to go off BCP and acne is back as severe as when I was a teenager. I have tried Spironolactone (worked when I was on BCP, but let's just say there were some baaaaaad side effects off of BCP), "oil cleansing method," ProActiv, AcneFree, various "natur