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  1. rubytuesdai

    Day by Day

    I'm going to start the regimen and keep track of the results
  2. I guess I got really lucky and found a boy who loves me even though I have physical flaws. You just have to find that guy/girl who cares about the inside rather than the outside!
  3. rubytuesdai


    Okay thanks! It's made a significant difference putting the moisturizer on first. It was driving me crazy! I still do have skin flaking though, which is driving me nuts.
  4. rubytuesdai


    Oh thanks! I'll try putting it on first. Should I put it on twice? Or just in the beginning.
  5. rubytuesdai

    Upperarm acne

    I used to have really bad upper arm acne but I forced myself to completely stop picking and scratching and now my arms are completely clear. It doesn't take that long to see results either. It was just the picking and scratching that caused me to break out.
  6. rubytuesdai


    Can you buy jojoba oil anywhere?
  7. rubytuesdai


    Really? Cause i'm using just aloe vera gel right now and it seems to be drying out my skin rather than moisturizing it.
  8. rubytuesdai


    I started using this stuff that the doctor gave me and I remember last time when I started using it twice a day like recommended my face became extremely dry. My skin is really dry again and I can't seem to find a good moisturizer and my face just feels like it's burning! Can anyone recommend a good moisturizer? I'd like to go out and buy a new one tonight. Thanks!
  9. rubytuesdai


    Oh okay. Yeah I don't wash mine every day. I'll start washing it more. See if it changes anything.
  10. rubytuesdai

    Ever heard of this?

    Alright I'm gonna try it with a teaspoon.
  11. rubytuesdai


    I was thinking about it and I'm sure that wearing a bra affects how bad you break out on your back because it's something constantly pressing into your back. How often should you wash your bra?
  12. rubytuesdai

    Ever heard of this?

    So has anyone heard of/ tried this?
  13. rubytuesdai

    Someone help

    For my birthday my sister got me a full body massage gift certificate but I have acne on my back. How do I deal with this? This seems like the most embarrassing thing in the world. Total focus on my back. Has anyone dealt with this before? Is it a big deal? I don't know what to do!
  14. rubytuesdai

    Ever heard of this?

    Hopefully someone will have heard of this so they can tell me how much to use! Grr. lol