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  1. I've been told by 3 doctors that accutane is an option for me. I DO NOT have what would be considered Serious condition... i get 1-2 cysts/pustules every 2 weeks or so, which I have injected w/ cortisone. However, I really DO NOT want to be on antibiotics for several years.. they're not exactly the best thing for your body either. (in fact, some say several years of antis are more dangerious than accutane) but anyways, I'm trying to weigh my options here at the last minuet..i just gave bl
  2. I'm about to go on accutane, but for mild cystic acne. I've been reading some posts the last couple of weeks from people who are disappointed that their acne is returning...but one thing I noticed in ALL of these posts is that the doses have been REALLY LOW (30mg-60mg)... For accutane to have higher remission rates, you really need an 80mg or 1mg/kg dose..thats what all of the studies show. Just my 2 cents...my derm is putting me on 80mg..says I'll prolly be cured.
  3. I'm still considering taking accutane for my acne. I've gotten the acne under control using minocycline, retin-a and finevin (azelaic acid). But nevertheless, I'm tired of putting crap on my face and also I'm 22, so the chances that accutane will cure me are good. anyone out there have thoughts on this? Should I be on a lower dose since my acne is not that bad (a cyst or 2 every couple of weeks, blackheads and small red things on my forehead)??? what should I expect? thanks for your