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  1. wouldn't recommend it. Your skin is already too dry on accutane to handle something like this. Might affect the accutane healing process too?
  2. | This is frustrating. So broke out my first 3 months on tane (40 first month, 80 from then on) pretty bad but I started clearing up in my 4th and 5th months. I started off the 6th month completely clear just scars. Unfortunately, I started breaking out again with just 2 weeks left in my course. And no followup appointment cuz the derm didnt think it was necessary. Is this normal or has it happened to anyone else? I mean, the only thing I can do is wait it out but I'd like some assurance.
  3. mine was really bad... alot worse than my regular acne. just had to deal with it... didnt really start recovering from it till the beginning of month 3.
  4. im almost halfway through my fourth month of tane. Things really started clearing up around the middle of my third month. But im starting to break out on my forehead, chest, and back for the past week. Is a resurgence like this normal? hopin for the best...
  5. Why not just get the prescription and then decide when you want to take it? I don't think it'll make a huge difference if youre a week behind in your dosage and itll save you the doctors visit.
  6. So far I've missed 3 days of my dose (80 mg a day) because of issues with the insurance company. Trying to get it resolved by the end of the 7-day waiting period obviously but is it a big deal that i skipped this many days???
  7. Ive been on accutane for a month and a half now, (40 mg first month, 80 the second month). Being at a party school, I drink 2 or 3 nights a week. My last blood test was fine. But in the long term how dangerous is this for my liver?
  8. been on 40mg daily for almost a month now and I've only seen a mild improvement. Though my skin is aloot less oily. But when did it really start getting better for you? When should I expect to really start getting clear? It's wierd I get alot more pimples but they go away alot quicker and heal alot quicker (kinda wierd since the smallest cut will turn into a huge scab now)
  9. hey. i have mild-moderate acne. Been on it for a week. Initial break out isn't too bad. As far as symptoms chapped lips and dry skin, thats been it pretty much. My skins not nearly as oily. First few days i had joint and lower back pain but that went away and it wasnt too bad. taking 40mg a day right now. do it and just get it over with. Youll thank yourself in a few months
  10. There is a possibility I may be put on accutane this month but I have to leave for school the end of this month. Taking the 3-4 hour drive bak home every month just to get a blood test and a new prescription seems like a hassle. If I find a new derm at school will I have to convince him to continue the accutane rx? What else will I have to deal with, not sure how the whole ipledge system works. If its too much trouble ill just come bak home every month.
  11. Anyway, my father is a doctor (not a derm) and though he is willing to write me an rx for accutane. However, he's not really familiar with the whole ipledge system, blood tests and all that. Neither am I. Is there an easy way out of this or should I just schedule an appointment with a derm? I'm not sure of the likelihood of getting an rx with a derm. My acne at the moment isn't that bad, on the mild side, plenty of visible scarring/brown marks from previous acne though. I also get light ac
  12. I got oral thrush and I was on antibiotics for like 5-6 months =/
  13. well apparently I have oral thrush from taking antibiotics for so long. hurts like crazy to swallow, my tongue looks disgusting, and I think I'm getting a fever
  14. Getting an accutane rX is not a problem since I have family members that are docotrs. Not dermatologists though so they aren't familiar with this ipledge system. I'm a bit confused by it too? What steps do we need to take. Is it all even necessary?