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  1. Dan, just keep it simple. Don't turn your site into an ultra-professional, corporate-type thing. Keep the language straightforward, realistic and honest, like it is. Don't become a faceless businessman; stay active replying to emails and posting in the forum. I think that's all you really need to do.

  2. If you have bad acne, are physically unattractive, have a speech impediment, are stupid, and have low self esteem, then yes, I agree that you pretty much have nothing to look forward to in life. Do you have a talent you haven't mentioned, like being great at writing or teaching or playing tennis? If not, maybe you should join the military or religious organization and sacrifice your life for others.

  3. With all the other logs here for accutane and other drugs I thought I'd mention my experience with Dan's regimen...the true reason this site exists.

    I am 18 and I've had mild acne for about 4 years. The problem was that it was almost entirely cystic, which is not only ugly, but painful too. I have had several dermatology appointments to deal with the matter, and I"ve been prescribed several drugs including Differin (pledgets), Retin-A (cream), and minocycline (pill). With each of these, the only result was drying out of my skin, but no less acne. And of course I had to deal with applying them every day.

    Eventually I gave up because it never seemed to improve and it was a pain to deal with. I switched to simply a Clearisil face wash for the shower every morning, which seemed to at least keep breakouts at a "regular" pace. But I still had mild cystic acne.

    Then I came across Dan's site. Reading about the regimen and the testimonials really got my heart racing. It seemed like everyone else was in the same position as me. I decided to give it a shot because I had nothing to lose, and purchased my supplies the same day.

    -BP 2.5% (Neutrogena)

    -Purpose soap (liquid instead of bar)

    -Neutrogena moisturizing cream with 15 SPF sunscreen

    This was June 21. After just over three weeks of strict use, I would like to share my results with everyone.

    My face is entirely improved...I have maintained the "completely clear" stage for just about a week. Maybe it's still a bit soon to be thinking this is going to work for the long run, but I've never gone a week without breaking out...I've never gone a few days without breaking out. Even better, all the blackheads, the precursors to breakouts, are gone, which in itself is a psychological uplifter.

    The regimen is a pain to deal with, no doubt about that. But the results have absolutely been worth it. It used to be that even on the best days I still shied away from the mirror..."No matter how great today was, no matter what else happened in your life, you still have acne". Now I don't think that any more. I feel great that my girlfriend doesn't have to "see past my acne for my inner beauty"...even though I know she doesn't care that much, I still get that feeling that she appreciates how much better I look. I love looking so much better for her. It's wonderful.

    By the way, I think Dan left out something in his regimen that I found very important. When I first started, I discovered that my "problem areas" immediately broke out at the start of the regimen. That is, a few areas that always seemed to come back from time to time. The BP took care of them once and for all, but for several days my face was worse than it had been in a very long time, while the BP seemed to bring all the acne to the surface all at once. Obviously something like this could discourage a lot of people so I think Dan should mention it. It would be a shame if someone gave up when, as I can prove, it's just temporary and with time the results are well worth it.

    In any case, thank you Dan, you have substantially improved my life.