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  1. Nice Myspace, nerd.

    1. ayla


      you're just jealous. Don't hate.

  2. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  3. i miss you so much

  4. I utilize smoothies primarily for their convenience. Also< i can add ingredients that I may not enjoy eating, but their flavors get lost in the smoothie shuffle so my variety increases. I will also eat salads before dinner, on occasion.
  5. “some people meet the way the sky meets the earth, inevitably, and there is no stopping or holding back their love. It exists in a finished world, beyond the reach of common sense.” ― Louise Erdrich

  6. Hmmm...I am now in spider, and the drop down menu is present, but now the option for the default skin is missing. Not a big deal, but now I don't have the buttons for youtube videos and such.
  7. Yeah, the drop down menu to change it has now disappeared, also. Before, it was still there with the with the default skin as the only option. Now, nothing.
  8. They have to take away our civil liberties for "our protection". Just watch, there will be some propagandistic post about how the spider skin was a security risk or some such lies, just so they can erode our rights to a fruitful and productive e-life. Chaos dressed in the costume of order, these mods be.
  9. Heh, Indeed, I have noticed the same thing...and liked it the same.

  10. sometimes our avatars show up next to each other at the top of the page... I like that.

  11. Ah, shit, I just ate half a belladonna plant. At least I saw this thread, and the extremely relevant examples given above.
  12. way too little protein and fat in comparison with the fructose intake. wayyyyyyyyyyy to little. I eat eggs and lentils-both of which are very high in protein... just sayin'. Plus I'm pretty small, so I really don't need that much protein. I know what I'm doing. ;) No, you don't. You eat 2 eggs a day...that is about 12 grams of protein. An entire pound of dried lentils is only around 100 grams of protein, and plant protein, at that. If you are only eating a bowl, I would gu
  13. Focus on the diet. From a cursory glance, it is severely lacking...in quite a bit of nutrition. Yeah, it is better than the typical teen diet of fast food and such, but that is no true measure since the bar is set so low.
  14. Cool, I was disappointed finding out that most lecithin supplements are rancid, and it looks like the phospholipids in krill is what I was looking for. Thanks!