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  1. About an 8.5-9, although about a week ago that would have been a 5.
  2. I haven't got anything against stoners, I have a few as mates, but I find weed shit. I've tried it a fair few times, and it just makes me really lazy sometimes even puts me to sleep. Personally those qualities are not something i'm looking for in a recreational drug. It also definitely affects your cognitive abilites while on it, I prefer to be sharp the majority of the time.
  3. you forgot to put some more s's in there dont worry i fixed it for ya
  4. It does of course to a large degree depend on the severity of the acne. Mild acne is just a non-issue for me, probably like the majority of guys here. Moderate acne...well I think if a person compensates in other ways then there will definitely be guys willing to ignore it. But I know for a fact that severe acne will repulse a large percentage of the opposite sex, but like everything relating to physical attraction there are people willing to look past that. Although sometimes for the wrong
  5. Nah, I was out on thursday and I was doing it. I had a fresh spot on my chin and needed to know I wasn't the only one. Seeing as i'm at uni and the age group was about 18-28 in the pub I was in, there were a few people who suffered from the same condition.
  6. I went out on thursday... Tonight: I've got a shitty cyst type spot on my chin which I attacked of course making it look 10x worse. I decided to stay in even though I had made arrangements to go ice skating. When I was out on thursday, the spot had just sprouted that morning and I was conscious of it the whole night. I'm not normally too bothered by one spot, except not only was it huge, but theres this gorgeous girl in the group who i'm into...you know how it is in these situations.
  7. Lots of people enjoy hurting others...
  8. Well it's pretty difficult to lose them... Fights in school are nothing like fights in the real world, enjoy the lack of consequences while you can.
  9. But it's just that, a fantasy. I hope people can realise how to seperate that from reality.
  10. Skin Doctors overnight zit zapper. Works wonders, put it on before you go to bed, and by the next morning the zit will either just be a red mark or have come to a head so you can squeeze it.
  11. Shit, I feel the same way. Although i've improved alot in the last year or so, i've been pushing myself to be more social, to include myself in more conversation. It's easy to just sit there quietly, not involve yourself and therefore avoid any potential embarassment, but you have to push it. It does get better with time, trust me, but you have to work at it. You can't just expect to improve while doing noting to catalyse that process.
  12. If you hang out regular she must know you have scars, it obviously doesn't bother her. Besides, scars on bloke arn't actually considered that unattractive. They're far less unsightly then active acne at any rate. Personally I think physical attraction is part of a relationship, whether some people want to admit it or not. So in all likelyhood this girl is attracted to you both physically and emotionally so it's all good!
  13. I've never been in a relationship lasting longer then 3 months. At 21 thats probably a little odd.