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  1. I have a large saucer like forehead scar from almost ten years ago. So far I've tried derma stamp (although not religiously), chemical peels, and restylane filler which didn't last more than a few weeks. I've had three consults with different doctors about subcision but they either said it was too shallow or ineffective. So I have another consult coming up with a doctor that has the infini rf. Would my scar respond well. Most people has smaller scars and the study i saw on it was a multi
  2. fire331


  3. So I had a hormone test done via the ZRT lab using a blood spot sample (they also do saliva which I'm not sold on). Anyway these were my results: Estradiol (blood spot) 79 pg/ml (43-180 Premeno-luteal or ERT) Progesterone (blood spot) 10.2 ng/ml (3.3-22.5 Premeno-luteal or PgRT) Ratio: Pg/E2 (blood spot) 129 Pg/E2 (bloodspot-optimal 100-500) Testosterone (blood spot) 119 ng/dL (20-130 Premeno-luteal or TRT) Ratio: T/SHBG (blood spot) 0.1 (0.7 - 1.0) DHEAS (blood spot) 298 H ug/dL 40-2
  4. well im no doctor, but generally antibiotics for acne should be taken for a few months (i think 6) if i were you, i would continue on with it for a few more months, at the very least two more. then, start taking 2 pills one day and 1 pill the other day and keep alternating for a about a month and see if any pimples arise to see if the antibiotics have improved your acne or not. if you don't break out at all then you could go down to one a day and see what happens from there. whatever you do,
  5. hm, its complicated. i was on minocycline the generic (200mg per day) during HS for 3 yrs. then, i stopped and tried proactive for 1 year i went back on minocycline after that but took the brand name instead called Solodyn (i was taking the highest dose offered which i think was 90mg) for a year, then switched to the generic (200mg) again for money reasons, then after another year i went on doxycycline (also 200mg) because the mino was turning the skin on my shins and knees slightly blue. i
  6. hm, well i weigh 105lbs (5'3") my derm started me on 90mg and then upped me to to 135mg which i think was the highest dose u should bring it up with ur doc if the dose isn't working for u definitely. i think the dosage based on weight is just a recommendation
  7. haha, yes that is how my derm is too. most of them are like that the latest she has me trying is this: doxycyline 200mg daily atralin (tretinion) benzyol peroxide aczone (forgot the generic name) although i wont lie, i don't use the gels often, just the BP in the shower and the doxy and once in a while the gels good luck
  8. i got esophogeal ulcers twice (i promised myself i wouldn't get it again after the first time but it didn't pan out) but as long as i drink a glass of water or something and don't lay down (my main prob) i have no problems i take 200 mg daily btw (100mg twice a day) i switched from taking mino to doxy in june. i took mino two times in my life each time for two years (200 mg). i wouldn't say i noticed a big difference between them but mino didn't result in esophagitis like doxy does although s
  9. yes doxy sucks. ive gotten esophageal ulcers twice. it was my own fault though. the instructions explicitly say to drink a glass of water and not lay down for half an hour after taking it i didn't go to the doctor for it though. they each went away after 10 days i estimate but it was rather brutal. i never thought eating could be so painful
  10. hm, i take 200 mg of doxycycline a day (100mg twice a day) for moderate-severe im not sure how strong 50 mg would be for very mild acne. u should give it at least a month though i get nauseau from taking it (although i weigh 105 lbs so thats prob why) so my doc told me to take it with food i never get sunburned, not when i was on mino and not now. i think it depends on the person, some ppl are more likely to get burned than others anyway i reiterate give it a little longer and goodluck
  11. I know how youi feel, I think I'm the only Portuguese person that doesn't have great skin. and i have 26 first cousins with good skin...maybe im adopted? nah :) My nationality is American and Portuguese (Dual Citizenship, but I live in America) and I'm 100% Portuguese ethnicity-wise.
  12. wut kind of liver problems? i've been takin mino for 15 months now, i didn't really break out when i stwrted using it, but diff ppl, dif effects. jabber, u'll prob breakout after u stop using it unless u switch to another regimen
  13. i've been using mino for 15 months, it worked pretty good at first but it doesn't work that well anymore. i don't remember breaking out at the beginning, just an upset stomach
  14. i wuz takin minocycline a few months before a wuz prescribed tazorac so i can't really say, but i don't like gels, so i don't really use it anymore