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  1. i forgot to say... my "blackheads" are not actually black, when i remove them they are more white than anything...
  2. so you put BP at night before going to bed ? I have the same issue, my nose is oily a lot, it's actually the thing that gives me blackhead ?
  3. well... it's oily but it's not that bad... thing is, it's only oily on my nose, haha ! it's way better then a couple years ago actually !
  4. My acne is almost all gone now, thank god !! but i'm left with a new problem now, which are blackheads... I "squeeze" them out with a tissue or my hands and then it leaves a little hole (where the blackhead use to be) but that freaking hole ain't closing... it takes 3-4 days and another blackhead starts to grow. Is there some kind of solution to this ? or it's gonna be like that for the rest of my life...
  5. i guess it all depends on the type of skin you have...
  6. I use to call sick when i was younger... now i don't , i don't think about my face anymore.
  7. sad thing is, when those people actually get 1 pimple, they cry over it... pisses me off
  8. well i know i tried retin-a for about 5-6 month and i never saw any effects on my redmarks...
  9. yeah it's normal man, each time summer start here in canada, my redmarks gets darker a bit at first but when your tan sets in, they get back to normal and if i'm really brown, they disapear ^^
  10. I would really really consider Neosporin antibiotic + pain relieft CREAM ( not oincment ). It really helped with my redmarks ( over 95% gone ). It's a long term battle man... you gotta be patient. You gotta exfoliate a lot, everyday even. Use like me, an electric CIRCULAR toothbrush that you use only for exfoliating. You take a shower, you bring your toothbrush with you and you gently go over your redmarks to exfoliate them. Your face will be all red but after 1 hour, your skin tone is bet
  11. I have a subscription with Men's Health Magazine and every year they test over 500 products for men for their face care ( grooming, washing, etc ). They said that : Urth Face Wash with White Tea and Ginseng is the best face wash out there for the "T" zone for oily face... I'm wondering if anyone ever tried it and if so, what is their review ? Key Ingredients : Water, Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate, TEA Lauryl Sulfate, Glycerin, Hydroxypropyl, Methylcellulose, Lauramide DEA, Glycol Distearate,
  12. For those who remember my thread from a month ago, you alrdy know that i made up my first girlfriend. It's been 1month and a half now and everything is going great. My skin is giving me a rough time right now but that's ok, she doesn't seem to mind. But yesterday night, she finally ask : "what are those red dots here and there ?" She was talking about my redmarks. I was so fuckup inside of me i wanted to cry but made it seems like nothing... I just said : "I don't know." And then, she sa
  13. no no no, we've known each other for like 2 years but we weren't really friends lol she hated me and i hated her lol We started being more close 2 months ago and REALLY close for the past like 7 days.