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  1. Hi Milk of Magnesia is really really cheap (LIke $1.99 or something). It comes in a blue colored bottle (which is going to last for atleast 2 months) and is available at any pharmacy(basically MoM is a laxative that people drink to clear their bowels). When you buy it though make sure you're purchasing the non-flavored, plain kind (Re-read the ingredients if you have to, but the mint or cherry flavored ones are only going to make your acne worse). So all you have to do is, to shake the bott
  2. I've been an acne sufferer for as long as I can remember. Started getting the buggers when I was 17 and was getting breakouts even until recently (I'm 24 now). I had tried almost everything from OTC medication to home remedies to dermatological treatment. Infact so desperate was I to get rid of the acne, that I was exercising, eating really nutritious food, drinking loads of water etc. But unfortunately nothing seemed to work. Then a month ago, I stumbled across Milk of Magnesia. And it's totall
  3. dont kno abt ur avtar stealer...but mine's been with me since 2005!
  4. hi...visiting this site after a loong loong time...i cd call myself an acne pro now..what with all the treatments i have undergone and finally wht has really helped me out of this...any one any doubts/questions feel free...perhaps i can help..
  5. ok a lot of people in the gallery say that their face is crap and when you actually see their photograph they are like almost clear????????why do they pretend like they hav aweful skin
  6. hi guys can someone tell me how every body from super stars to normal audience in the tv shows to just abt anyone on tv( news reporters etc) have this awesome clear flawless skin with absolutely no facial hair(for women)..... what is it due to ?
  7. hey i dont think change in time of sleep should affect acne..but in some people might be sensitive to changes in their sleep pattern....i had posted a remedy on this forum sometime back.....titled."maybe this helps some people"....it helped me clear up a lot....might work for you too
  8. hi all i have been following this particular routine for about 2 and a half weeks and my face has really really cleared up. it is a little time consuming but might just help some people out there in the morning 1.scrub your face gently with a scrubber ( pref. walnut scrubber) 2.apply a hydra based moisturizer ( i use lakme matteffect oil free) 3.then apply a benzoyl peroxide based cream on the affected area 4. wash your face once in the after noon with a non fragrant face wash 5. in the ev
  9. this is a nice thought ....... ....only a lot of people dont seem to think this way anymore..(which is really sad)....
  10. i'd like to know what has been your worst experience / incident in life that has been related to acne......
  11. thats really sad....i know how it feels .a lot of people .especially ones with clear skin fail to understand how acne affects us....anyways.if people do give acne so much importance as to hurt some one then it just goes out to show how shallow those guys are.......anyways is your acne severe....have you tried any medications?......one day you'll sure get out of this....till then dont loose hope and keep hanging out there.....
  12. try engaging yourself in something.........when we stop thinking of acne .our livesw can become easier...try meditation........just keep hanging in there.....
  13. hi all you guys there few days back i was really depressed over the acne and some one adviced me to do meditation...and believe me even 15 minutes of meditation give you a lot of peace....it makes you fell that acne is not the only thing in life ...there is so much more....it is just that it is a problem which might take slightly longer to cure.....and hey look at people who hav the deadliest diseases in the world and they still try to fight them..and well these are just god damned acne....i do
  14. hi guys i have been invited to this party..those guys are really persistent but i have such a break out on my face ..cant think of leaving the house...........suggestions any one.......should i go or should i make an excuse....i need a real cool excuse too...........