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  1. keep using the 10% bp. i used the 10% and i am no really clear, i was using it for about 3 months and now im clear, i still have scars but they arent too noticable, the 10% was better for me than the 2.5% but everyone's different, i suggest you keep on the 10%. im currently uing proactive even though im clear, i just use it cause of fear of breaking out again.
  2. well that can be any phone, i was just wondering why he specified "cell" phone.
  3. i recommend just to shower, wash your face and just moisturize. don't leave your face all dry cause your skin might produce more oil to fix the dryness so you'll probably get more pimples. so just moisturise and you'll be fine, probably.
  4. i say it depends on if ur kin takes it, i can take 10 percent bp without a problem and it helps me out better, i actually started out with 10 per cent and it wasn't too bad, it only stung a lil after i put it on but that;'s normal.
  5. who here has heard of tazorac?? who here has tried it? i need info on this drug
  6. aight aight, i think i might try it, can u give me some info on what products to get???
  7. ok well my acne wasn't too bad, i mean it was bad, but not too bad and i thought the regimen would help and honestly it has but only a little bit. my face has now broken out and it looks like how it looked when i started the regimen, man im frustrated! see the thing is it's only on my cheeks. i hardky get pimples on my forehead and none on my nose, i mean none. i dont get this. WHY ISNT THE REGIMEN WORKING???!?!?!?! nothing seems to help my acne improve and now im sad what should i do??????
  8. no no no, never quit the drugs, drugs don't cause acne. Drugs are very friendly at times and make me forget that i have acne and i go out and i enjoy my day. it's great. But what's greater is that my face is clearing up now thanks to the regimen and now i wont need the drugs anymore, unless..........
  9. I started off with clearasil 10% and it cleared me up nice, then i started using neutragena 2.5% and it wasn't as good to me. I'm sticking to clearasil now. good luck!
  10. I've been on the regimen for about a month now and I STILL GET BREAKOUTS!!!!! it cleared only a little portion of my problem area being my cheeks. Today i applied more bp than usual and it stung me for the first time since starting on the regimen.........is this a good thing or ???
  11. just try not to do what i did and wash and wash and wash a lot. I'm pretty sure that's what made my breakouts a lot worse. And moisturize (something i sdidnt do much of)
  12. I really don't know why my skin didn't get red or itchy, it happened with retin a micro and i mean it was horrible, i hated myself for a good 2 weeks, my chin area was peeling all sick. But i started with bp and i started off right, and i noticed slight improvement but no redness or itching occured. So i started putting more and more and well none of it made me get red itchy ( it only stung a bit after i put it on) Does this mean it's not working for me? or???.............................
  13. im hoping this works....i can't figure out how to post pics....but if it does this was me before my breakouts. and now just imagine a lot of pimples on my cheeks. #-o I'm the guy (as most of you would have figured, but there are a few that just...oh nevermind) All i want is to be as clear as i was before, and i dont think it's too much to ask. but :-k im just hoping i'll get clear soon.