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  1. 6-8 grams is like 6 pills a day right?the usual dosage i s 3 pills a day.but yeah it says MSM is effective for skin, hair and nail health as well. As sulfur is found in keratin, the tough substance composing skin, hair and nails, MSM has been shown to hold benefits for skin problems, such as psoriasis.
  2. anybody ha success with these pills?it says they are good for skin and other things.moms just threw me a bottle so im going to see if they help my skin at all,anybody had success with msm?
  3. I drink 3 cups a day. Please purchase cerified organic green tea anything else has really dangerous amounts of pesticides in it. where?
  4. One day while playing basketball i got scratched on my face.It wasnt a real deep scratch but it had a bit of skin flapping off and a little blood.This happened about a year ago and i seem to always get a weird forming bump there.in days it forms into a pink bump.what is this?
  5. You people are scaring me,talking about going to the doctor and not kissing my girlfriend ever again.I get one of these VERY little bumps rarely and mainly when the weather is cold.Doesnt everybody get these?
  6. Which works better?The oil free acne wash liquid,or the oil free acne wash Pads?
  7. you can try abreva, or another OTC "fever blister" product. You can add L-Lysine to your supplements, though there's no clinical study evidence that this works, but does for some. Or you can see a dr. for Acyclovir or Denivir cream, or you could get a script of Acyclovir (Zovirax) or Valtrex (though I doubt they give valtrex for tiny lip herpes, and it is $$$). good luck. fever blister?thanks.i take it those are sold in stores right?i just want something i can get quick to get rid of this q
  8. they kind of hurt when you move your mouth.Anybody get those?they are like really little bumps that get white over time.anybody know how to get rid of them fast
  9. this combination ive been usin for about 2 months now.not much of a significant changed has occured but previous to going to the dermatologist i steamed my face and it was working pretty goood i think.will this mess up the medicine or anything if i started again
  10. Well my Doc prescribed me Duac Gel once daily and it's working so far for me but takes about 4 weeks to see full results. I was on Accutane 6 months ago so I don't get big spots now just tiny 1s that go away in few days I did have cystic acne. do u keep the gel refigerated and use it in the morning as well?also do u use a moisturizer
  11. he prescribed me Retin A Micro and some shit called Duac gel.He also told me to wash with dove oil free acne wash. Anybody had success with these products?
  12. a mexican actress used to put semen all over her face so it cud be umm i dont know, prettier i think or smoother....she's dead know, i dont know whats her name
  13. i drink it in some smoothies i get.do u take it str8 and how much a day Wheatgrass facts i googled: Wheatgrass juice and living foods are helpful in reducing outbreaks of psoriasis and eczema. Applied to the skin the juice can reduce age spots and tighten skin. It also has beneficial effects on the capillaries. Wheatgrass juice can dissolve scars that are formed in the lungs from breathing acid gasses. The effects of carbon monoxide is minimized since chlorophyll increases hemoglobin product
  14. im dark skinned too but i dont think it matters.all chemical products fuck the face up.what ive been using is epsom salt...jojoba oil and steam.my face hasnt been better