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  1. hey loki i live in the middle east so its not gonna be much relevence to you how much i paid over here- im british but again i dont know how much it is in british pounds either! i read on someones journal they said its aprox $10 a pill, and they said its pretty pricey but again worth it. I cant pay with insurance as im not an arab and am not entitled to it out here!! lol but yeah it is pricey and ill pay my parents back someday. I swear its been one week and theres been such an improvement.
  2. snwbrdchck02 everyones obviously. i guess cholrine and sun help cuz it drys out your skin but my derm said it can provide temporary benefits but once you stop going in the sun you break out as your skin produces excess sebum.. mabey thats why i broke out so bad after it. good luck n e ways// also my derm told me to avoid chlorine/sea/sun whilst using roacc as your skins so sensitive the sun can cause scarring or sumthing? i duno, i guess again everyones different and derms say different thin
  3. hey loki, thats sucks that they wont put you on it cuz your a girl. I got such a hard time from my derm about not getting pregnant on it and i had to convince her so much that i wouldnt even have sex whilst on it AND im on birth control, geez she thought i was so irresponsible and she really didnt trust me. i know how it feels trying everything and your confidence and hope just goes below zero point when it fails and deep down you know there couldnt be a cure from it. ive had different de
  4. hey CTdani i also just started roacc last week, it hasntbeen too bad so far- i mean ive broken out a bit but i think thats just my regular outbreaks. i havent even got dryness but i reckon thats cos ive been taking vitamin E for a good month now and still do. i questioned the routine for taking the pills as well in a post- i dont eat much at breakfast or supper so my largest meal is lunch so i decided to take it then- if you looks at kkpb7825s post she was such a great help under my topic 'j
  5. thanks for all your replies/help snwbrdchck02 i used to be alifeguard too but i reckon thats where my probs started as i was always in the cholrine, heat, sea and after i finshed the job my face came back with revenge.. o well hopefully accutane will help luv davina! x
  6. kkpb7825 thank you so so so much for all that info, it helped me so much and answered so many things i was uneasy about, im sure it helped other people too here you mentioned about taking roacc with EFA- do you mean just take the roacc with for example a cod liver oil pill or did you mean with food containing EFA.. sorry im confused! #-o cuz yeah i do hate taking it with a heavy meal containing fat as i watch my diet so do you think it would be ok if i just took with with an evening primo
  7. thanks for your replies its weird yesterday i took my pills all in one go and i think it had mroe of a significant effect as today my lips were so dry and i woke up with little bits of flakes on my skin wow!! i dont think my pills were being absorbed properly b4 as i dont eat much at supper.. so now i them at lunch probably my biggest meal.. i hope this is ok. BUT then again this is only my 5th day 8-[ so mabye i was expecting side effects too soon! a question for anyone on accutane or
  8. hi dontwantto feel ugly, thanks for your reply and encouragement but i cant, it sounds really self centred for me to be so concerned about my apperance but i really dont have the confidence cuz of my skin.. yeah i know we all sometimes exagerate but when you have acne it becomes the only thing on my mind.. every time i go near a mirror i shy away unless its dark so i see everything but my bad skin! its bad enough me being at home and shying away my skin but imagine being in a spotlight.
  9. thanks doggy, do you or anyone else also know what i should take roac with? I was told to take 2 in the morning (20mg) and 1 at night (10mg). and i read milk is good to take it with as roacc is best absorbed with a food with fat in.. but i dont eat very fatty foods and especially dont have a heavy breakfast. so im confused if they tell you to take it with milk but also ppl say you should avoid milk if you have acne what kind of food should i take it with! also i read on someones journal o
  10. ive only been on accutane 3 days now.. and i have had quite a bad outbreak.. can the drug affect me this quickly??!! when does the usual initial outbreak come?? - can it come the first week ?or is it different for everyone? also has anyone drunk alcohol on accutane?? In late august i have been invited to a big party thats happening- would it be ok to have 4-5 drinks or is it risking damage to my liver? [-o< if anyone could help, thanks xx
  11. hi charlie, yeah i think you do still need fat- my derm told me that accutane was best absorbed if i took it with something fatty... my friend used to take hers with meals like steak and fries but id be a bit worried about my cholestrel levels 8-[ so i take mine with milk. mabye your supposed to cut down on fat but not eliminate it completly.. sorry im not much help!! good luck davinax
  12. hi everyone, i just started accutane yesterday- 30mg a day and in 4 weeks i have to go back to the derm to see if alls ok! im 19/f about 125lbs ive always had mild-moderate acne but managed to cover it up.. and even at some points ive had clear periods, but these past few months its got AWFUL!!! ](*,) my cheeks are totally covered in pimples.. ive been on various medications- courses of antibiotics tetracyclin etc...retin A... diane 35 all the past 4 years but there really was never much im