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  1. In a way, doing nothing to your skin will help. Because it is not provoking or irritating your skin like some scar treatments would. But doing nothing at all to your skin will do just what it suggests, nothing at all! It will not make the situation worse, and most probably wont make it any better. If you want results, you must figure out some treatments and that's the bottom line.
  2. Fly to England with that $3000? It sounds far-fetched but you can get scar treatment for free over here on the NHS. AND the doctors will not try to con you or take your money, because you are not gonna give them any lol
  3. This product looks really good. Anyone got a link where i could purchase it from? I really want to try this product out. I'm also situated in the U.K. is the product available anywhere in my country?
  4. Bump! Just reminding you all that it starts in a few hours, so be sure to watch if you can.
  5. Hi whittle1. I would really like to see this but live in oz. can you pls tell me the name of the doco or the name of the production company? Hi whittle1. I would really like to see this but live in oz. can you pls tell me the name of the doco or the name of the production company? Well, the production company are the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and it is on the channel BBC Three.
  6. Hiya again guys/gals. Not been on this forum for a while, but i found something that might interest you. Tomorrow evening (Wednesday 30th August) there is a programme on BBC Three at 9:00 p.m. investigating Body Dismorphic Disorder (or BDD). This of course only applies to the members from the U.K. Basically, the programme investigates bdd and in at least one case, talks about one young lady who is really attractive, but thinks she looks as ugly as sin because of the acne scars on her face. This
  7. So does sunlight actually make scars and pigmentation worse?
  8. To be honest, i've never trusted anything from EBay. Just buy the TCA from an online licensed store if needs be.
  9. I've not tried that yet, i've tried loads of oils and natural products such as that and alas, to no avail. I will give this method a bash so fingers crossed :pray:
  10. I'm praying for you but please, do not get your hopes up. Most scar treatments seem to get better, especially with needling, when it's first performed on you. The scars seem to surface but trust me a few weeks later, your scars are back to normal. Let us know what happens anyway...
  11. Ahhh yes thankyou! At least this is a start *applaudes.*
  12. TCA Cross for them small icepick scars? lol no way :hand:
  13. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=4885
  14. I'm sicking of this community on acne.org, the moderators seriously need to do something because everyone is full of jealousy and hatred and as i've said before, i go on other scar forums which are much more friendly. As soon as i come on here i see a forum war. To sum it up it's a f**king disgrace
  15. No problem that really. You're quite lucky, only a few indentations there.
  16. I know what you mean mate, hardly a disasterous situation though is it? Try and find out what scar treatments work for you and trust me, you'll be reet as rain!
  17. Is it me or are pock marks just like box-car scars?
  18. No too bothered, just because Brad Pitt is a celebrity doesn't mean it makes him any better or worse than us, and same applies when talking about his skin. We should all feel good because Brad has bad skin? Get a life for godness sake!
  20. Shireen, I know how you feel, but please do not give up. There will be things that you can do to improve the appearance of them, all you need to do is a little research. Because you have quit work you will have plenty of time, what's to say that in 4/5 years time you won't be happy? Get some research done on them and have that goal, that you will be happy in a few years time from now, and wait for that feeling and imagine how good it will be when you accomplish it 'cos babe, you will!
  21. Get a few minor peels, nothing major. Never touch TCA that runs the risk of ruining your skin, when your skin is already lookng pretty good man.
  22. Seldom... maybe a few times. Like anyone i was deperate to try this, but it hasn't helped and is a big risk towards damaging scarred and unscarred skin
  23. Barbie have you tried Emu Oil? It's much better than Bio Oil?