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    Listening to hardcore dance music!! It is like a drug i am so addicted to it, ever since it has come into my life it has been like an anti-depressant for me against my scars. It is wonderful and gives me an uplifting sensation, for those moments I am lost in my very own world<br />Eating<br />Drinking (Juice I don't drink alcohol!!)<br />Sleeping<br />Clubbing<br />Computing<br />Playing Football<br />And most of all Being depressed with my scarring (It sucks)

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  1. In a way, doing nothing to your skin will help. Because it is not provoking or irritating your skin like some scar treatments would. But doing nothing at all to your skin will do just what it suggests, nothing at all! It will not make the situation worse, and most probably wont make it any better. If you want results, you must figure out some treatments and that's the bottom line.
  2. Fly to England with that $3000? It sounds far-fetched but you can get scar treatment for free over here on the NHS. AND the doctors will not try to con you or take your money, because you are not gonna give them any lol
  3. This product looks really good. Anyone got a link where i could purchase it from? I really want to try this product out. I'm also situated in the U.K. is the product available anywhere in my country?
  4. Bump! Just reminding you all that it starts in a few hours, so be sure to watch if you can.
  5. Hi whittle1. I would really like to see this but live in oz. can you pls tell me the name of the doco or the name of the production company? Hi whittle1. I would really like to see this but live in oz. can you pls tell me the name of the doco or the name of the production company? Well, the production company are the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and it is on the channel BBC Three.
  6. Hiya again guys/gals. Not been on this forum for a while, but i found something that might interest you. Tomorrow evening (Wednesday 30th August) there is a programme on BBC Three at 9:00 p.m. investigating Body Dismorphic Disorder (or BDD). This of course only applies to the members from the U.K. Basically, the programme investigates bdd and in at least one case, talks about one young lady who is really attractive, but thinks she looks as ugly as sin because of the acne scars on her face. This
  7. So does sunlight actually make scars and pigmentation worse?
  8. To be honest, i've never trusted anything from EBay. Just buy the TCA from an online licensed store if needs be.
  9. I've not tried that yet, i've tried loads of oils and natural products such as that and alas, to no avail. I will give this method a bash so fingers crossed :pray:
  10. I'm praying for you but please, do not get your hopes up. Most scar treatments seem to get better, especially with needling, when it's first performed on you. The scars seem to surface but trust me a few weeks later, your scars are back to normal. Let us know what happens anyway...
  11. Ahhh yes thankyou! At least this is a start *applaudes.*
  12. TCA Cross for them small icepick scars? lol no way :hand: