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  1. i'm still usin it but i'm i had my bloodwork done today so i can get my accutane. I hade used 101e for like 15 days. i will say it never dried my skin, but it did not give me newhere near the results i was looking for. But for the price and the size(really small) i would give 101e a 2.5 maybe 3 out of 5 stars. Jay
  2. I really wanna apologize for not doing nething yesterday. Yesterday i went to the derm, and i was so happy. He prescribed me accutane! i had my blood work done today and when the results are in i hope i can get the tane no later than monday. I know that w/ the tane i will not be able to use the 101e nemore, but thats a risk i'm willing to take. The 101e has not reaslly cleared me up so well. It seemed to work for the first few days, but after that my skin is starting to go back to its old s
  3. i've been usin capsiderm for a little over a week. It seems to be helping in reducing redness but i still get my pimples. i am gonna conitinue to use it say for a month and if i like the results i will continue. And 4 me it wasn't that expensive, i got mine on ebay for 3.99. but w/ shipping it was like 8 dollars.(so i guess thats a little steep) Jay
  4. It just brings all tha pimples 2 tha surface and then it helps with ur skin. Thats y sum ppl have an intial breakout w/ different products.
  5. Man i h8 tha itch. Iget it mostly on my cheeks and inbetween my eyebrows. To help make it feel better i scratch it w/ tha back of my hand so my fingers don't touch it. Don't know if helps either of us. but i don't know how t oget rid of it. And it always seems to itch during school only, i h8 it. Jay
  6. So far 4 me i think its 101e or maybe capsiderm
  7. Day 9, I am overall pleased so far, i have had no new pimples today. My skin looks bad though cause of the red marks and my cyst on my chin. I think once the red marks fade completly my skin will look so much better. I can't wait till i have clear skin. Jay
  8. What do u guys think the best acne product is that ever worked for u (on ur face)?
  9. Day 8, I have about 2 new whiteheads since yesterday. I just couldn't help myself today. I picked at the cyst on my chin. I know thats bad, and i know that will make it worse, but like i said i couldn't help myself. then i put neosporin on it for like about an hour. then i followed the rest of my regimen. i dont see any new pimples(besides the whiteheads). I wish i knew of some way to make these red marks fade though. I hope that when i stick this out, my skin will end up looking a
  10. Day 7, I have seen most of my whiteheads almost disappear. I just got one on my chin thats still there. Then i only have a small cyst on my chin, the one i thought was comeing up on my nose never came up. i can say that i have not been seeing so many zits coming up, i mean i get the whiteheads and the cyst (Shit!), but other than those i have no new pimples forming (alteast that i can tell) <Now if only i could get these fuckin red marks to fade>. joeshmoe i think i'll give the 1
  11. Sorry about not adding a nething yesterday. This will be for day 5 and day 6. Yesterday (Day 5) i felt that there was a new cyst forming on my chin. But other than that my face looked the same. As for today (Day 6) that cyst is comeing up and i feel that a big one is about to come up on my nose (shit!). I also have a few new whiteheads. Also i have sum red marks on my cheeks that are starting to fade(which is a good thang) So i'll post my results for tommorrow, Thanks Jay
  12. Try Vaniclear, thats what i use and it works great, heres what it looks like http://www.alerg.com/page/A/PROD/05BOD/PC1020
  13. BTW as 4 day three i see a slight improvement, i have only gotten like 1 new whitehead (so thats good) and my face looks less irritated and red. So i hope it continue 2 work.