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  1. i just finished a 6 month course and i never had an IB. my acne was mild.
  2. hey everyone...i have a concern/question that may be a little redundant, but i feel i can't find any advice on it already in the forum. i'm 29 y.o./female and i'm finishing up month 5 of accutane, going into month 6 at 60 mg/day. i've only cleared since i started, which is great, and i have about 2 red spots on my face. thing is a little less than 2 weeks ago, i started shedding hair like mad. i lose a significant amount (way more than is normal for me) in the shower each day as well as th
  3. btw, it's been proved repeatedly that there is no direct link between accutane and depression/ suicidal ideation. those who experience severe acne + go on accutane have much higher odds of being depressed already, especially because they now have to "resort" to a drug as strong as accutane. my own thoughts are also that there has to be a significant placebo effect because everyone for some reason thinks accutane causes depression. so if you feel a little down, you automatically assume it's du
  4. just started my 5th and possibly last month on 60mg/day. all's clear except a couple red marks. never had an IB, just really dry, peeling lips. good stuff.
  5. i had mild acne before accutane and i'm on 60mg/ day. i'm now going into my 3rd month and i have yet to break out at all. i just saw steady improvement since the start.
  6. accutane does not lessen the effect of the birth control pill. i too used to be off & on antibios for a couple years and i asked my derm this specifically. the 2 forms are just the precautions we need to take in addition to being required for iPLEDGE.
  7. i'm in my 7th week of accutane and i've used finacea + clindamycin pledgets every day. i've had no harm done to my skin and i actually think these w/ the accutane have made any scars i have fade faster. my derm told me in the beginning to continue my topicals until my skin can't bear it and that point just hasn't come for me. within my first couple weeks on accutane i could definitely tell that my skin was a little more sensitive to the topicals and i kept saying 'ok, i'll stop w/ them in few
  8. dnoune


  9. whats SA? salicylic acid? ... i sure HOPE not.. lol.. i'm allergic to it.... I use the olay for sensitive skin makeup remover clothes, no water required... umm purpose spf 30, with some anti-redness thing in it and something from Europe, by johnson & johnson -- pH 5.5, only recently...really good moisturizer--keeps me good and not flaky all day...
  10. this stuff really does a job on your body, no? i'm starting week 4 on 60mg/day and i now have a rash-like thing on my hand. i think it's accutane-induced eczema. does this make sense to anyone? i feel like i read that that's a possibility somewhere. i'm just amazed at all the stages i'm going through. no real IB as of yet... re: the eczema, i'm going to my derm monday for my first month follow-up, so i'll ask her then. i just wanted to get some feedback in the meantime. thanks!
  11. crazy! i just didn't expect it to occur so suddenly. one day to the next! i cross my fingers still that i'll be lucky and IB free, but i'm still expecting the worst, just so there are no surprises!
  12. i'm just over 2 weeks into my accutane course and my skin is already about 4x less oily than ever! it's crazy. it's like the stages i go through happen literally overnight. about 1 week ago i was oilier than normal, to be expected i've read, but then a few days ago i went to blot mid-day (as i always have to do) and was like 'huh?' when i looked in the mirror. didn't actually need to blot. don't want to jinx myself too much, it's early and i'm sure i'm gonna go thru ups & downs with thi
  13. aquaphor is amazing. i'm just over 2 weeks in and i swear my lips were the first to go a few days after starting. after using my usual, carmex, chapstick, whatever i could get my hands on, i tried aquaphor and nothing can compete. my lips actually look better than they ever have before, no exaggeration (i'm a lip biter btw). they look like they did when i was 18 and i'm 28 now.
  14. yes, i was told to really moderate if i'm to drink. i actually don't think i've ever heard a doctor say you must cut out alcohol completely, unless it's a binge or not drink at all situation for you. not too hard for me. i'm prob the same as you. i know i could knock back a bottle, but i def know now would not be the time so i've def cut down from one or two glasses a week after work, to only having one or two when i need to be present at social functions. it's hard, i love my wine, but