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  1. I jut started the tape method a couple days ago.. im not sure if im seeing results yet, but i just wante to know if people are still using it and how is it going??
  2. HANDS DOWN: PROACTIV. the ONLY thing that's worked for me and i tried tons of stuff, perscribed and over the counter. go to www.klearaction.com its supposed to be the same stuff as proactive but half the price. oh yea, i'm chinese
  3. same here.. i still drank while i was on minocycline shh... i didn't have any problems. then again i didnt have any of the other reported problems whiel i was on minocycline either (dizziness,etc) after the first week or so on minocycline. speaking of which, minocycline BARELY did anything for me..
  4. actually i had no side effects at all.. no dryness or anything. i did previously have a lot of dryness (especially when i was using tazorac UGHHHH my skin was CONSTANTLY peeling and i was so embarrassed to go outside.. ugh) proactiv just worked like a dream on my face <3<3
  5. Okay, well I keep reading these topics where people say "well this product sort of worked... "blahblah well I have been cured of my acne for a few months now and I thought I'd give my 2 cents on what I do. I tried TONS of things-all the face clearing-acne fighting-etc facewashes out there (neutrogena, clean and clear, clinique... etc), I went to the dermatologist and got perscribed minocin, cleocin-t (or whatever.. that lotion stuff), tazorac, differin... NONE of it worked. What finally worked