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    I enjoy traveling-seeing new things, trying new things, reading, watching movies(not scary ones though haha). Some of my favorite movies include Zoolander, Lilo & Stitch, Rudy, Closer, The Mighty Ducks(all three), and Step Into Liquid. I like most kinds of music, I listen to a lot of Jack Johnson, UB40, and top 40 radio songs. I like hanging out with friends and family, having a fun time talking and laughing. One day I want to live next to the Pacific ocean.
  1. I have the same problem too, with the redish patches, eventhough I only apply once a day and not very much. Also, mine are a little itchy not sure if yours are. Anyway, I think in my case, my skin gets really sensitive to the sun (since BP can make your skin more sensitive to the sun) and it's having some sort of reaction to the sun. The reason I think this is because my dad takes a medication that makes his skin really sensitive to the sun and he gets similar skin irritation when he's out in
  2. Sometimes I wish I was back in high school so I didn't have to work my butt off for good grades. But after spending a few weeks of summer at home I realize why I wanted to leave this town so bad haha. I'm fortunate to have a very caring family but my parents can be pretty strict and I just need my space after a while. I'm moving into my new apartment tommorrow morning but I'm definitely not looking forward to the "moving" part. I've got so much to move, it's crazy how much stuff a person ne
  3. More visual aids of different people so that the diverse acne suffering community can see someone they relate to and the regimen has worked for. I think your video on how to apply/perform the regimen really motivated me and taught me the correct way to follow the regimen. Perhaps more videos would influence people to follow the regimen correctly. By this I mean videos of all different types of people who are starting the regimen and then follow them throughout the time it takes to become clea
  4. I don't what it is but it seems like passport photos have the worst lighting. I had to renew my license today because it expires in a few weeks on my 21st bday. I was pretty nervous about it but it turned out a lot better than I expected. Of course that was just the image displayed on the computer, when my new license is finally mailed to me I will probably have this reaction - "What the..????" But so far the only bad thing was waiting in the forsaken DMV for several hours. Good luck with y
  5. I agree, the mind has so much to do with it. I have this image in my head of how I wish I looked and when I look in the mirror and it's not the same it's definitely hard to accept. But I've just been trying to look at the positive side of things like how my skin may not be perfect but definitely is improving. Today I had to renew my license and get a new license picture. I was happy enough with the outcome. I was all worried about it too because this is my pic for the next couple of years a
  6. well personally I'm attracted to confidence in guys so if those guys were confident maybe that's what attracted those girls. But some people, myself included, have a difficult time being confident while having acne.
  7. I feel your pain, I was doing really well after starting the regimen but this week I had a bad breakout. Curiously, it's just on my left side. I'm soooo happy with my right side but my left side is just as bad as ever. Oh well, I'm just trying to stay positive and keep on the regimen because that's all I can do for now.
  8. I know how you feel, sometimes I feel like I've made some great improvements then I go out and see how perfect everyone else's skin is then I feel like people are staring at me. But I think the sales person was just trying to do their job and was trying to give you advice because they want you to keep buying thier product and not blame breakouts on their product. Of course, it wasn't the best way to go about giving you advice. But I've noticed that, in my personal experience, I don't take any
  9. hmm, Marvin you've said time and time again that now that you're clear you're very unsupportive of people with acne and even seem to be repulsed by them. I'm curious if it bothers you that you talk to, or at least correspond with, people here who are obviously dealing with acne problems. Or is it just a problem that comes up when dealing with acne sufferers in person?
  10. I'm the same way, I hate it when people touch my face because I don't want to take the chance of having anything clog my pores like the oils/bacteria on hands or my bf's face. He hardly ever gets a pimple(good genes I guess) but I get worried that I can still clog my pores from his oils haha.
  11. Maybe sleeping on your face doesn't necessarily irritate your skin(but maybe it does). I think it's one of those things, like diet, that affects people differently because I only sleep on my right side and I rarely ever break out there. If you have to sleep on your side maybe you can try just sleeping on one side for a while and see if the other side(that you're not sleeping on) seems to improve or not.
  12. I usually just let the sweat drip too, especially because there is so much bacteria on the equipment at the gym that I just don't want to touch my face. I don't wipe with a towel either because I don't want to irritate my skin, but I guess if you had to wipe you could gently blot from time to time. I'm always careful about washing my hands a lot and trying not to touch my face when working out. Afterwards I shower right away and gently wash my face and do my evening regimen at that time since