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  1. Thanks for letting us know Brandy!
  2. I have just ordered another batch of Dan's cleanser and gel but i notice that the facial moisturiser is still being developed. Does anyone know how long it is likely to be before we are able to purchase this?? R x
  3. Thanks you Brandy for your reply. I will use a finger lenth for each then and see how i get on. You are a great help, thanks again!
  4. I have been having great success with Dan's BP on my face that I have begun to use it on my chest and back but i'm not sure how much to use on these areas. With the face we work up to using a whole finger length, starting off with just a third of a finger to prevent dryness and irritation. Do we apply the same amount to the body too??? I am using a third of a finger for my chest and 2 thirds for my back. I then follow with moisturiser. Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. I just wanted to let whoever maybe reading this that I'm still having great success with Dan's BP and cleanser. I began using them on 16th Feb 2007. It's now 19th april and in that time the red blemishes from previous spots have faded and faded and seem to be continuing to do so. I am so pleased I cannot tell you the relief I have felt over these last 2 months. It's like a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders. Life can be difficult enough anyway but if you are an acne sufferer then you
  6. Thanks you so much you guys! I will keep coming back to this if i need to. I am having tremendous improvement. My friend who also has skin problems (eczema) has been a great support and said he can see the change in my skin. He has always been a great comfort for me as he understands what it is like to have bad problems with skin. It can make you feel like less of a person, if you know what i mean?? My mum and even my dad (who never really notices things like this) has said how incrediable my sk
  7. thought I'd ask the question agian: I'm just wondering if I should carry on using BP after it's all cleared up?? Does Dan recommend we just keep using it permanently in case the acne comes back?? Rach
  8. Well I had a lot of red marks on my cheeks and chin. This time a couple of weeks ago my chin was really bad. Not sure why altho I have read somewhere that if you get a spotty chin, it could be related to problems with the reproductive area. Not so convinced now that I've started the BP. It's so much smoother now and read marks are significantly less red! The dryness has been visual but nothing to worry about as the moisturiser Brandy recommended deals with that. I hope it contiues to go as well
  9. Well, I always wash, then brush my teeth, then apply BP. It takes about 5+ mins to brush my teeth and has to be done so I put BP on after that. Seems to fit in with the regimen well.
  10. Indeed, great to hear you are all clear. But just a word of warning about Minocycline. I took it for about 10 years for acne but it gave me a big Candida problem, which was a battle to overcome all in itself. So just be careful of becoming reliant on the minocine. Best to try and eat healthily and supplement your diet with good vitamins and minerals. Zinc and chromium are well known for helping promote good skin.
  11. Seeing a remarkable improvement already! It's the 10th day into the regimen for me and my skin looks and feels so much smoother and better. Red marks from old acne are less pronounced too. The Eurecin cream is keeping it really supple too so dry patches are not a problem at all. Have bumped up the BP to half a finger today and will continue this amount for the rest of the week before bumping it up to 2/3 of a finger. Then finally on week 4 I will use a the whole finger amount. I'm just wonderi
  12. Lily Lolo mineral foundation in blondie seems to be perfect for me and so pleased it covers all my imperfections! Thanks Suedehead for your LL recommendation.
  13. Thankyou for your replies guys!
  14. Hi Brandy Thanks for your response! I'm using the minimal amount of BP as indicated in Dan's picture until friday. I may carry this on for a second week but will see if I how my skin is during the middle of next week. If it's not any worse with the redness I'm going to bump up the dosage as Dan recommends. Thanks for your links. I'll keep you informed. Rach
  15. I ordered a few of the Lily Lolo samples foundations and have found the right shade with blondie. You can also order a flocked sponge from them for application and it makes all the difference for finish and coverage. It's only £3 too. Good luck!
  16. I'm thinking of buying the Kabuki brush from Lily Lolo which is £14. But I'm just wondering what experience you have had with bukis and which one you recommend?? Is the one you are using fantastic for application and finish?? What about the price?? Is it good value for money?? Rach
  17. Hey guys! Never thought I'd say this but I'm very impressed with the Lily Lolo mineral foundation and cover up! I got some samples throu on friday and have been using the one called Blondie for the last 3 days in both products and I can't tell you how amazed I am at the way it covers all my blemishes!! I'm using the flocked sponge as I said I ordered as the Kabuki brishes were sold out and this is obviously what is making the difference in coverage as anyone experimenting with a cheap blusher b
  18. I started with Dan's cleanser and BP gel last friday night. I also bought Eurecin dry skin face cream with 5% Urea moisturiser (as recommended by Brandy, Dan's assistant) it's now tuesday. I have noticed that my skin feels a lot smoother generally but the BP seems to be causing a lot of red blotchy areas and also seems to be bringing out or or two more spots and the blackheads on my nose. Is this normal??? When I used retin-A for the first time, it always said on the tube that the acne was lik
  19. Thanks so much for your advice Cherry! I have just got some samples through from Lily Lolo. Unfortunately they ran out of buki brushes (well I couldn't get one to go into my virtual basket anyway) so I ordered a flocked sponge instead which apparently gives a heavier finish. Have any of you guys used one and what kind of result did you get?? BTW, if you are washing your brush everyday, how long does it take to do your whole routine in the morning and evening? If you are washing your brush in t
  20. I've just recently bought Clinique's Stay-True in stay beige foundation and their line smoothing concealer in light 02 but neither of these are my colour, so I am going to take them back and try and exchage them for an Estee Lauder OIL FREE foundation. Either one of these looks good to me as they are both non-acnegenic... http://www.garden.co.uk/esteelauder/contai.../esteelauder_uk http://www.garden.co.uk/esteelauder/contai.../esteelauder_uk ...Plus I already use the maximum coverage foundation
  21. The other thing that concerns me is the brush itself. Is it not unhygenic to apply MM to the skin using a brush everyday?? Do you guys wash the brush everyday to make sure it's clean?? I am so used to making sure my hands are washed clean before I use my fingertips for applying my usual Estee Lauder maximum cover foundation. So many quenstions I know, but I am inexperienced with MM and so far it just seems like a powder to me and I'm scared it won't cover as much as traditional makeup. Please a
  22. Hi there I've just tried some MM samples out from CRUSH MM. Altho the samples were very small and I'm thinking that as I didn't have enough to use, it hasn't really given me a good enough idea of how MM could potentially cover my acne/red marks. As well as that, I only used a cheap blusher brush (it was the only one that fit into the little bag)... What would be the best brush to use and how do you go about actually applying it?? I have just read you can layer MM. If this is so how long do you