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  1. I didn't notice ANY improvement until the end of month four. I didn't clear completely until a couple of weeks before the end of my 7.5 month course. Just relax.
  2. Accutane does work wonders, but it takes months - several of them - not days to work.
  3. I started on 10mg, and I'm 6'1'', 205lbs. Your derm probably just wanted to start you slow to see how you'd react. Ask him/her to bump it up next time.
  4. I don't get the eye blocking thing. If I knew you I would still recognize you, and if I don't know you I don't care anyways. Aside from that little rant, your acne looks alot like mine pre-Tane. I would say it is moderate. Looks like it might scar though so talk to your derm.
  5. Shave your head bald and your hair won't fall out. Alternatively, you could just deal with it.
  6. I can assure you that your dermatologist is not retarded. I do question your intelligence for posing such a question though. It's only been two months. Calm down!
  7. Hands are not a wierd place. That is very common.
  8. Could be that they've never had sex before and alot of guys are nervous their first time and have trouble getting it up. Could be they are impotent from smoking. Could be they are gay. Could be they are trying to blame it on Accutane. Whenever someone has a problem while they are Accutane they like to turn around and blame it on the Tane. Alot of people seem to have trouble understanding the concept of cause and effect.
  9. Longer-term, low doses have a greater rate of relapse.
  10. They'll heal on their own once you get off Tane. Every once in a while I will look closely at my skin and realize how much better it looks.
  11. Get Cetaphil SPF 15 moisturizer. It won't clog your pores and it has SPF 15. That's what my derm recommended to me and it works quite well. Mind you, she didn't recomend it until after I was finished my course, but I still like it.