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  1. Quick update before the Steelers game. My skin is doing outstanding, and I'm loving it. For the most part, I thought my skin was going to have more issues, but it has been really great. My pores are very small, and my skin is very smooth. I really love ziana and the cleanser that I use every night. Be back in a bit.
  2. Great info here, and good luck on your regimen. I would also agree that you should not do too much to try to get rid of your acne fast, but rather give your skin the time it needs to heal and become clear. If you would like to keep going on your vitamin adventure, I would suggest slowly start taking them, until your body is ok with the maximum amount. Don't worry, you will get clear soon.
  3. Another day, another day of the same. Nothing really new to report, but to tell those who are on the same regimen as me, to not give up and keep going. It was really bad at first, but now, after a short month, im feeling more confident by the minute.
  4. Yeah I have been dry but that is normal. What is IB? Irritable Bowel? If that is what you are asking then no, I have not expereinced it. It has been around 4 weeks since my start on the regimen. I have been doing extraoridary. I have little to no redness on the old acne that is all over my jaw line, and I can see the pores in my face getting very small. My face is also very tight and smoothing out very nicely. I do get the occastional zit that is isolated and off in a random spot on my face.
  5. It's been a long time peeps, lots has changed, and acne has come back a little. I will post picks soon, but I am starting a new regimen. Ziana has been a product I used a while back, but never followed through with it. Fortunately, my hygiene and my overall appearance has been really good due to my commitment to working out daily (P90X). I am now in my 3rd week with Ziana, and let me just say that I have seen dramatic results thus far. I no longer have little bumps all over, just in small areas.
  6. I have not had any side effects beside dry skin, dry lips, dry eyes, yeah...thats it...so i guess im lucky. Everyhting is going so great, i have a lot of confidence, and I dont feel as bad about my skin. I get a lot of looks everyday, and i feel like a new man.
  7. my couse is going great, im doing so good now, im clear, and all i have is a little bit of red marks left, so im happy, real happy. So your not on accutane anymore? How is everthing going?
  8. Hey good luck on the rest of your course of accutane. Yeah the tweezers to the dry skin that once was a pimple is not a good idea. You essentially tear away the skin and all it does is irritate the skin under and creates and red mark. Plus that has to hear agian and then the whole process has to be repeated. My course is great, im almost done, i think i have another month left, and i cant wait to be done. Though i look a lot better, my doctor said that i will even improve post tane, so im pumped
  9. its a battle to find the one that you know really cares about you. Eventually you will find that one, and if not, they will find you. Good luck on your tane, i know it will help you, as it did for me. I had like 2 months of no or worse improvement in my skin and I started to have doubts. Now i really am so glad that i went on accutane, i look a lot better and feel better too. My back is completely clear, and my face is clear, but has red marks, so im happy. Just keep up on it, it will come aroun
  10. I dont know agian what day it is, i just firgued that i would post before i went to my school and worked on stuff. Yeah my acne is almost non existant, it kinda creepy, but all i have left is red marks. Im pretty sure that im going to be clear here soon with everythings, redmarks, zits, and dry skin. I look a lot better and feel a lot better too. Hope everyone is doing great.
  11. I get the same dreams and feelings, so dont feel bad, its kinda normal when your put through harsh times in relationships. Sounds like your doing good with your skin, and keep it up.
  12. well I have no idea what day it is, im too tired to figure it out I have come a long way, my acne is subsiding and im not getting pimples that are as deep as they use to be. My face is smoothing out, and i have been taking care of myself a lot better as of lately. My girlfriend and i broke up, and i have been trying to deal with that, on top of school and work. Bungie is busting my balls, model this, texture that, blah blah blah. Neways, its my dream job and i need to be happy with what i got,
  13. Tommorow im going to the derm, for a check up in ohio. I really hope my blood work comes out ok, i dont really want to have any stops in my regimen. So yeah skin feels fine, and im not having any side effects. so yahhhh.... Day 74 Lips, dry Skin dry pores are getting smaller but i really want to hit that point to where i see significant improvement. This is a process for sure.
  14. T4HSE: Thanks a lot for the post, its good to keep positive, i def try my best each and every day. Dyne: Yeah it is a mistake, I am on 80 mg a day, 40 in the mornin, and 40 at night. Sorry for the mix up. Day 68 Face looks better, i feel that my face looks better when i do not pick at it. Went out last night, ice skating with a few of my friends, and i drank afterwards. I feel fine as far as side effects, i dont think there is anything to worry about as far as mental stuff. My eyes get dry s