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  1. Hey, does anybody know of any good fake tans that are non comodegenic in the uk as most fake tans tend to bring me out in spots. Ive tried things like johnsons holiday skin but its just as bad. thanks
  2. Hi guys, just thought i'd share my own acctuane experience with you all to show its not all doom and gloom. Have finally finished a gruelling 6 month course of accutane and my skin is amazingly better than it was before. I don't have any spots at all on my face or neck and my skin tone is much more even too. I've been off it for about 10 days now and already my lips are 70% better, no longer crack or need lipbalm all the time. I still have red marks left on my back and a little bit on my neck
  3. i've been taking mine all in one go as thats what i was told to do by my derm. i've been on accutane for about 6 months now and i experienced severe aches and pains and tiredness during the first 3 or 4 months but things seem to be ok these days. my muscles don't ache all the time even after a long day at work. i remember being told not to do sports like football or rugby as there is greater chance of injury but i'm not sure whether this would apply to weight training....
  4. im 22 so i don't think i have much to worry about on that. any suggestions for weight gainers without vitamin a? thnks
  5. I think i'm going to join a gym this week. I need to find a weight gainer as well but most of them contain vitamin a in them which i've been told i'm not allowed to take whilst on accutane. i've had a look on the internet for one without but i don't know any, any thoughts?? thanks
  6. hey, i've been on accutane for almost 6 months and i have decided i want to join a join to bulk up a bit as im v skinny. what i want to know is whether it is safe to weight train whilst on accutane. i'm not sure if i'm making it up but i'm sure i've read something about accutane making bones weaker. any help is much appreciated...
  7. i kept noticing i was stumbling on my words a lot. not sure if this is the accutane though...
  8. i just used table salt. i put about two cup fulls in the bath and put some on my problem areas without rubbing it in tho. I think the salt in the water somehow naturally exfoliates the skin without being too harsh like it would if you rubbed it in.
  9. hey, guys just thought i'd update a little on my progress. spent a week experimenting and found that applying the vitamin c cream after taking a bath in salt water makes your skin supersmooth and calms any inflamed spots you may have quite a bit.. give it a try
  10. dio83


    i love dermatologists who swear
  11. have been using the vitamin c cream for three days now. i have noticed that it has brightened my face considerably. The redmarks are on my neck not on my face, but im still going to give it time. but in the meantime the vitamin c cream has really given my face a nice even glow...
  12. sorry, pants means crap. The n-lite is a blue light treatment which is supposed to oxidise and kill the bacteria lying beneath the skin, its also supposed to boost your collagen levels in the skin. I had it on the face and on the back and it left me with nothing but tiny purple bruising over my back and on parts of my face. In my own opinion avoid like the plague. I've spent literally thousands of pounds over the last few years on various treatments including microdermabrasion, dermalux ligh
  13. Tried N-Lite in the UK and it was pants and one of the most uncomfortable things I've ever had to endure. Looks like an innocent little pen, felt like a blow torch. And at £900 for two sessions the whole thing is a very unhappy experience.
  14. the best green tea you can buy is Jacksons Green Tea with lemon. It tastes really good without sugar and the lemon is an extra ingredient in detoxifying the body.
  15. i hate to say it, but i don't think what paris hilton said was bad at all. I think if we all had skin as good as hers we'd take as much care of it as much as we do already. I dislike more those who are blessed with good skin who treat it like crap (people who smoke, don't use moisturiser etc). These are the people who take it for granted. If I had Paris's money I'd have make up artists following me everywhere i go to make sure my skin looked good...
  16. ok i've bought some vitamin e cream and vitamin c cream from holland and barrett so will see whether there is any difference..... i know its against the odds but fingers crossed
  17. I think i may try a combination of things, and raid my cupboard to see what concoctions i can come up with that may just help. i'll keep you all posted on any pending miracles....
  18. I'm going out next weekend with loads of people who havent seen for ages and its as my skin has cleared up considerably I really want to knock 'em dead so to speak. What I'm bothered by though are the red marks that I have left over from the acne and was wondering whether there is anything whatsoever that can be done to reduce their appearance in a week... I'm thinking of fake tanning but I don't want to darken the marks. Any thoughts??? thanks p.s i also have really dry sore lips from being
  19. I did a two month course of vitamin b5 therapy prior to going on accutane and it did absolutely nothing except give me diarrhoea and strange dreams. I was on 10 grams a day which although is alot is relatively safe since B5 is a water soluble vitamin. I would, however, steer clear of mixing a course of accutane with a course of B5 mainly because they could interrupt each other, and secondly because its best to know which one is working and which isn't.
  20. I'm on 60mg a day. It was my dermatologist who said I would only need to be on for four months maybe due to the fact that my acne isn't as majorly severe as some, although by god it is resistant to everything. On a happy note though, I went out last night with a group of friends i hadn't seen in ages and they thought my skin looked amazing, lets just hope it lasts.
  21. Hey All, I've been on Acctuane since April and my course was due to last 4 months which means that I was supposed to be off it at the beginning of this month. Unfortunately my acne hasn't cleared up and I'm losing hope that ever will. Although on my face my skin has improved alot I get waves of bad breakouts on my neck and on my back and its just getting to be a bit of a joke now... I have an appointment with the dermatologist at the end of the month but I'm guessing that I'll probably be ke