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  1. so i have been just washing day and night for 1 month now and its a lot better well pimple wise like i dont get that much as i did lik 3-7 pimles a day to like 1-4 now... sometimes none. really cool but now im getting pimples were i never have gotten them b4 a lot in my eyebrows..wierd huh. and like a lot more small bumps...not really whiteheads but like in the glare of light or sun it looks bad!!! and dont kno how to get rid of this. but i quit all antibitics 1 month ago and i dont get that muc
  2. i would have to say just washing with water in the morning and adding a moisturizer and washing with a gentle cleanser at night
  3. i cant stand going to skool with whiteheads...i rather have redness then whiteheads...have fun with a big ass pimplez..eh even if i dont pop them they stay there twice as long sometimes 3 times as long and they still leave the same red mark as popping and the whiteheads when they arnt popped get really big... and turn into a nasty looking white scab looking thing.. its so disgusting specially when im cuddling or kissing my gurl.. f that im sry im gunna pop those mo fo's
  4. has anyone tried this? my dad just bought it and should i use it? and how often never used a scrub b4.
  5. well i had acne on face for 3 years but im just starting to get some on shoulders and a litlle on back what products are good? for bacne and what not? im new to it so does anyone know anything i can buy that helps bacne ? like a wash or cream? thanks
  6. egg white or egg yolks??? just break eggs and out it on ur face?WTF? its hella runny and what u mean it works slow?