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  1. Pop that bad boy, if you are man enough. It won't go down but it will run its course much faster. First it will get bigger. Then it will try to heal up, but depending where it is it will probably be hard because you'll keep breaking the wound open again by eating, talking. Then it finally get where the skin is underneath the sore replaces with a red spot, and that will last six month. But it is better than having a red swell on your skin for 2 months or more. This process takes about a month and
  2. I do a modified version of it, and it works very well for me. My regimine is bp at night and that is it. Make sure the bp is cold. Then run a cube of ice directly on the skin until face is cold to the touch. Then apply the cold bp in a generous amount on skin. Finally use an ice pack to cool the skin even more rotating on different parts of the skin for 10 minutes. As for the other part of the regimine. I never use SA, and very seldom use GA. Maybe every two weeks or so I'll use it. It really
  3. Of course I have no research, but I, too, have had similar experience with scarring. In my 20s was when I really started to break out. At that time, my skin took to scarring very easily. The type of scarring that I had, just so you can visualize it, was like when you soak your hands in water too long. My scaring had a wrinkling effect on my overall appearance. I am 33 now and I don't see the same thing on my skin. I do have scars on my skin, but they are not very noticable. I can't remember how
  4. Every cyst I ever had hurt like shit. And I know I might not be in the majority, but I'll pick the hell out of my skin to relieve the pressure of a cyst. I probably wouldn't advise anyone to do the same, especially if you have a lot of other pimples besides the cyst as the fluid will definately cause trouble on your skin. I am 33 and I have more mature skin. My skin has been through pimple warfare, and since I don't have a lot of pimples, but just only get these damn cysts every three weeks, I
  5. Fred, I have a beet red quarter-size cyst on my forehead, and I generally get one of these every three weeks or so. Yesterday, this girl at my work asked me what happened to my head and had I got bitten by something. I said no, it's a pimple. She said don't touch it and I smiled and said I get one of these all the time. For the rest of the meeting no one said anything to me and it was business as usual. That is my approach to pimples. I try to tell myself that it isn't my fault and that even if
  6. Introvert, you do need to follow the regimen exactly, but I doubt that the act of leaving the GA and SA on only a minute caused you to breakout. In fact, GA and SA are not even supposed to be what stops the breakouts from what I understand -- bp is. And if you are using bp properly in the regimen you may breakout for up to 4 weeks. Remember, many of the pimples you see on the surface of the skin started below the skin surface up to two weeks in advance. Keep going, there is not another cure on t
  7. I stated if he saw fit. The only reason I said anything at all is the misguided logic that this or that can't be copyrighted. As someone said before, whether and artist is rich or not doesn't give you the right to steal their art, because you think they don't need the money. If you benefit from the art pay for it. That is all anyone asks.
  8. I have been religiously on the acne cure for 12 solid days now, and I have some observations. First, it works, but you may have to ramp AHA dosage. I have been using 8% AHA and in the last day or so I've noticed I don't get that stinging feeling lately. Also I have found that the deep sun damage pigments I have are more pronounced (read: closer to the surface part of my skin) and they are not going away. So this cure may make sun damaged pigments and scares look worse since you will be a
  9. Walgreens has a generic brand for 5.99. I doubt you'll find it much cheaper than that. It is in a white bottle and called alpha hydroxy. By the way, gd is a nasty word. Refrain. #
  10. You can't copyright medical instructions, can you? You can't copyright words either, but that is beside the point. You are quoting from a book in which the author has not given you permission to do so. And if the author saw fit to stop it, he could.
  11. I would say no. Since the morning regimen is "washed off" anyway, I don't see how sweat could hurt, just splash your face with water, pat dry and add mosterizer (sp). You could also work out before applying the morning regimen, if you are that concerned.
  12. Scotty, Since you only leave the salicylic acid on your skin for like 2-3 minutes tops on this plan, I doubt it will irratate your skin. I have been on the cure for 5 days now and I haven't had any overdrying at all. In fact, the cure has been the most gentle regimen I have done. And I have really sensitive skin. Even dan's cure was too harsh for me. Plus, you are mixing bp with water on this regimen and only using it one time a day; this makes the plan much more easy on sensitive skin.
  13. Could someone chime in on this issue. I am sure there are some very smart people here that have an opinion. Funny thing is, if I said that I had the one and only cure for acne I'm sure all the smarties would point out my obvious mistake. And now, since I polarized the board, I am ill get a few to point this one out.