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  1. Is this product a moisterizer? So it will help my skin produce less oil during day time?
  2. I've heard beef can trigger acne but is chicken fine to eat? I'm trying to change my diet and see how it affects my acne. Right now i'm going to stop eating bread for breakfast and stick with oatmeal. Would this be the right step i'm going with my diet?
  3. How much AHA would be the most effective to clear previous acne marks? Right now I do the regimen and add AHA after the bp. I put about a dime size of AHA on each cheek then spread it over my entire face. Is that enough? Also does the AHA feel kinda sticky after applying to the face?
  4. Does it matter if i wash my face in the shower? Right now i just wash my face in the shower every morning and evening. Is it better to wash my face at the sink and splash face with water by hand or directly coming out of shower head?
  5. it takes me 30 mins to drive to school that's one way.
  6. do u guys think the redness from my skin is also caused from the sun since i'm not using a moisterizer with spf?
  7. Is anyone elses skin getting dried out after using dan's cleanser? This is my 4th day on the regimen. I notice my skin is starting to get flaky. My skin was never flaky when i used spectro jel cleanser. (only available in canada)
  8. should i just lower the amount of bp i'm gonna use or hold off for one night and go back onto regimen with lesser bp?
  9. ok. my is just redder then usual when i use bp. i never used bp in the morning though.
  10. I got my supplies from Dan and started the regimen on monday evening. I've notice my skin is alot redder then usual. I have been using 5% bp before during the evenings but never in the morning. how should i get rid of this redness? Is it ok to just use bp in the evening and not mornings?
  11. I bought the proactive system 4 weeks ago and stopped using it yesterday since it wasn't doing anything. I stopped using the cleanser cuz it had little scrubs in it and now thinking if i should just stop using the toner as well? Does the toner even do anything? I'll keep using the bp though cuz its really good.
  12. I've been using proactive and wondering if i should use a moisterizer after the bp? My skin isn't dry when i finish applying bp.
  13. I'm just wondering if its ok to dab my face with a slightly water paper towel to soak up some oil?
  14. I've got oily skin bit also have sensitive skin. which one do i choose? I was told if I have acne (which I do) I should go with the sensitive skin version. Is that correct?
  15. I think I found what could have been breaking me out. The Biotherm Cleanser had some SA in it. Could that be the problem? The moisterizer didn't have any.