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  1. cuz let me tell u something, u say ur mentally advanced, but even if u had bradd pitt's face u still wouldnt get a girl.... u know why, beucase ur crazy. Instaed of spending so much time on the internet and looking at ur face, u should spend ur time doing more productive things. Ur 22 and there are 3billion things to do in this world. Go on adventures, meet new people, get a real life. Tommaso, Brooklyn NYC, 20
  2. has anyone used this? is it as good as the regular noxema formula? Tommaso
  3. ive hear people use these, do they work? Hydrogen peroxide is use to kill bacteria so it should be safe? and lemon juice is real acidic, but im not sure. Mi dispiace per la mia inglese. -Tommaso
  4. it seems like no one here like reggae, just rock and rap. Does anyone here listen to artists like Black Uhuru, Buju Banton, and Capleton? Im 20 years old, live in New York City, and was born in Napoli, Italia. I have some mild acne and when I feel down reggae helps. Anybody else? -ciao Tommaso
  5. if you're feeling down reggae is cool to hear. Im not jamaican, but love artists Buju Banton, Black Uhuru, and Capleton. Anyone hear listen to this kinda music to help them come with acne and life?