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  1. What a goofball. Although yes, I AM cool. Infact, THE coolest person. Ever. In the world.
  2. I'm vegan (no meat or dairy/eggs), so I'll skip on this. Besides, I can maintain clear skin without killing an animal. Yay for fruits, veggies, and grains! <3
  3. Yep. I agree with Bellybutton_Lint.
  4. I agree with the article. I already don't eat breakfast as it is, so this is nothing new to me. All I have in the morning is 2 glasses of water mixed with some chlorophyll and some green powdery mixture, which I call my "Salad In A Glass" since it contains a lot of greeny foods. Mmm. (Sometimes I skip eating altogether until dinner, but if I'm extra hungry that day, I'll eat around 1pm) "If you have any meats, eggs, milk or other heavy foods then your cleansing is over for the day and you will
  5. Are you taking the piss? If i washed my face even twice a day with a medicated wash, it would be an irritated, dry mess. Same here. My face is horrid when I wash more than once a day, especially if I use a medicated cleanser (which I don't). Yuck! Once a day, at night, is all I need. Acne is not caused by under-washing!
  6. I wash with soap (Dove) once a day - while I'm showering at night before bed. In the mornings I just rinse my face with water, no washing.
  7. "Palm-eh-gran-it"...That's how I say it. lol.
  8. Yeah, virgin here. Still flashing my V-Card, as they call it. But I'm proud. I'm proud to be a 22 year old virgin. Nothing wrong with it. I'm saving myself for the right guy. Too many duds out there.
  9. I've been wanting to buy pomegranate juice from my local health food store for a while now, but have been holding off because on the bottle it says it contains about 41 grams of sugar...That kinda blew my mind...I mean, I know it's all natural sugar, since the bottle even says it only contains 100% pomegranate juice with no added sugars, but wow...41 grams! lol.
  10. I quit drinking soda/pop/cola/whatever a few years ago. It's horrible for your body. Soda has no nutritional value. It provides unnecessarycalories, sugar and caffeine.
  11. Oh my God, why would you even think of this?? That's horrible! If she's with you despite your flaws, then she's a keeper. Why you would wish acne on anyone is beyond me. Especially someone you supposedly "love".
  12. jazmella

    P. Diddy

    Oh man, everyone's skin would look horrid with such close-ups! Yikes, I don't even want to think about mine. lol And by the way, that's just rough skin, not scars.
  13. Oh my God, dude, you look great! You have absolutely nothing to worry about! Your skin looks amazing! Just let time heal it (which it will), and have fun!
  14. *sigh* How I wish I didn't have to wear makeup, either. It's so frustrating! It's so frustrating having to waste time in the mornings covering up these stupid, ugly bumps which everyone can see, anyways!! Argh! I want to just be able to wake up and go. Actually, there's not one day in which I've been outside without makeup since I was, oh hell, 13. Almost 10 friggin' years of this bull. I'm sick of it. I feel so ugly. I want to hide. Forever.