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  1. Well, obviously it is misleading advertising, but I tend to think that the majority of companies use misleading advertising. Hell, those Valtrex commercials make it look like having herpes is the best thing in the world; everyone is always skydiving, scuba diving, or mountain climbing. And according to Hydroxycut, you can turn into a muscle bound stud by just taking a pill. What I'm more interested in is what the product actually does do. I know it's not going to remove my scars, but will it
  2. Hey there.. I have had 8 treatments spread over 2 years. My last treatment was last February, so over 8 months ago. I've had about a 35% improvement in my scars by my judgement from my pre and post pics. Also, many of my friends have told me they can tell a huge difference; but most importantly, I can tell a difference. While I don't believe fraxel is the silver bullet by any means, I think that it can provide some improvement. Personally, I think doctors who say you will get the improvem
  3. I'm wondering the same thing. I came across this website for Straiex and they have some pretty bold claims for their acne scar erase product. While I don't believe that their product can "eliminate" scars, I'm wondering if anyone has tried it to see if it helps to reduce them? They have somewhat explained how the product works to increase collagen production, and they seem to claim that they have conducted clinical studies. However, I am unable to find hard facts for that. Surely someone ha
  4. Almost all hairloss is caused by heredity.. If you no one in your family (Dad, brothers, grandfathers) has hairloss, then you might want to check with a doc as it could be something else. If any of them do have the same issue, then there is a 99% chance that's what is causing it. I have the same problem, started losing hair when I was about 20 or 21.. I tried propecia for a couple years and then quit taking it when I was 25 because I didn't think it was doing anything.. BBBIIIIIGGGGG mist
  5. I've posted this before a year or so ago, but wanted to make sure any newbies get this info. If you are paying for scar treatments, most likely they could be covered by a Healthcare Reimbursement Account (HRA) if your employer offers it. This is money that you set aside PRE-TAX that you can then use to pay for qualified medical expenses. I called 2 years ago and spoke with the company that handles my companies HRA accounts to confirm that fraxel would be covered if I set up an HRA account.
  6. I've never broken out from a fraxel treatment, and I've had 8 of them over the past 1 1/2 years. I take that back, I did have a very minor flare up after my first treatment because i moisturized like crazy, so I stopped doing that and have never had a problem since. You're face will look smooth for the 1st week from the swelling and then slowly return to normal. Expect micro-swelling for the first 2 to 4 weeks. Redness for me is always completely gone by 10 to 12 days after treatment. In my
  7. Good question, anyone have any input? Personally, I have needled twice in the past between my fraxel sessions. I always blotted with alcohol soaked cotton balls until all bleeding had completely stopped (about 10 minutes). By doing this until all bleeding has stopped, no external scabs form, the blood clots just beneath the surface of the skin so it's not visible. Sean..
  8. HIV is the last thing you would catch in the event a tip with blood on it WAS used. The HIV virus is so weak that it can only survive a matter of a couple of minutes outside the human body. Once the infected blood is exposed to air, the virus quickly dies. Sean..
  9. HellzAngel - I experienced the bronzing during my first round of fraxel a year ago... I developed it a few weeks after my fourth treatment. It wasn't that noticeable, actually, I think I was the only one that noticed it. It gradually faded after a couple of months and my skin looked completely normal. My doc said I should not go out in the sun at all without a strong SPF on. During my latest round of fraxel, I have been using SPF45 (the lotion that neutrogena makes) and so far there is no
  10. I'm usually very red for the first 2 days but then fades very quickly. By day 5 the "pinkness" is just barely noticeable and by day 6 - 7 the color looks more like a healthy pink glow. After 7 to 10 days my skin usually looks completely normal. If you do not protect your skin with a strong SPF for several weeks after your treatments, you can potentially develop a bronze tone to your skin which may last a couple months. It basically looks like a bronze tan. Not everyones skin heals as quic
  11. I haven't been able to get insurance to cover it.. however, my Healthcare Reimbursement Account which is available through my work does cover it. I have paid for all of my fraxel treatments with it, 5 so far. It is my own money that is set aside PRE-TAX into an account and then you can spend that money tax free on qualified medical expenses. I called before I set up my account to verify that they would cover fraxel treatments, they said they would because acne is categorized as a disease. Ju
  12. For all of you who are new to fraxel, my biggest recommendation would be to not expect results immediately after treatment. If you see improvement after a treatment, it is only swelling which can persist for several weeks and make your scars look great. I went through 4 treatments last winter, and I'm doing 5 more this winter. It takes months for the collagen to begin filling in your scars. Usually by the time you have your 3rd or 4th treatment, enough time has passed to start seeing the res
  13. My fraxels were performed by Dr Mark McCune in Overland Park, Kansas. I will post current pics when I find time to take them.. It's very difficult to get the exact same angle for the photo and it ends up taking me an hour or two when it's all said and done. After completing the first full course of treatments last winter, I'm now going back for spot treatments this winter; yes, most doctors will do spot treatments, but not all of them. After 4 full face treatments at pretty aggressive setting
  14. My settings were at 16, 18, 19 and 19.. if I remember correctly.. I think I had like 10 or 12 passes though, He overlapped the swipes to get double coverage, but I think everyone counts the swipes differently.. I'm going back for 5 more treatments over the winter, but I'm just doing small areas this time... Nope, not Canadian... Kansas City, Missouri.. Sean..