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  1. now this really sucks: i was going to go however(and this has nothing to do with my skin) i decided against it because of the late drive ahead of me to talk to her instead. And thinking she would understand pointed her to this link to this forum, and got her to read my post. Now shes mad and angry at me for "making things up". Told me she needs time to absorb this and kind of hung up. I guess if you look at it in a perspective of someone who couldnt even imagine where I'm coming from:how th
  2. exactly what i was thinking mate, its too late for the event however not too late to see her, its not her i was worried about it was being at the event.... she loves me for me ! thanks for the push guy!
  3. i'm a 28/m. My fiance lives in toronto, I live about 3 hrs away so we dont exactly get to see each other on a daily basis. She has been fully aware of my less than perfect skin since we met and its never got in our way, yet i constantly make things up in my mind that shes judging me when i have a breakout. I guess shes concerned and tried to help but since shes had perfect skin all her life i guess shes never felt the psychological effects or complete knowlegde of what we less fortunate on
  4. When I go out to eat i always try to make a healthy choice choosing wheat bread at subway and anywhere etc etc and recently got on rasin bran cereal and I have found my skin to be so much more oily then usual throught out the day ....so i decided to do some research and this is some of what i found.... Wheat products (wheat flour, bread, pasta, pastries, wheat cereals, nutrition bars and other foods listing wheat or flour as an ingredient) cause a sudden increase in blood sugar called hype
  5. hey sorry about the late reply i'm honestly so happy that i can finally do "normal things" like go to the mall and not have to worry at about what ppl were thinking about my skin or even thinking twice about going out keeping in mind i was a acne sufferer for like 8-10 yrs straight.....I honestly really hope the rest of you have good luck with this soap. Answers to some of your questions well YES the soap is drying the first week and seems like its doing more bad than good and for the first
  6. I dont know if you remember my original post but I was so completely happy with facedoctor as it seemed to completely cure me but i would still get these breakouts avery couple weeks okay well my regimine was 1)wash with clearsil glycerine soap 2)exfoliate with st. ives 3)face doctor soap i changed that to 1)face doctor soap morning , 4pm and night RESULT 100% clear I dont have a before pic but heres one from my camera phone Good Luck guys Hope this helps someone note that I dont
  7. "have you ever tried clearsil?" yes that happened to me last night from a WAITRESS at a restaurant "eastside marios" in london Ontario needless to say NO TIP also sucked because i was on a second date with a really hot "blessed acne free" chick hasnt called me back :/
  8. okay nothing major however after 2 1/2 weeks using facedoctor i went from moderate / severe acne to 99% clear, however about tuesday i had a couple around my lower cheek (small) so i didnt worry about it but wed they got worse and a couple more came up around my cheekbones cystic still not a bad a breakout compared to what i used to have and i'm still sticking to it but just a little frustrated. Was going to take papines(sp?) advice on the ZULUZU cream or whatever which is supposed to be
  9. ha ha totally i try to get in and out as fast as possible its like i guess its cool when you have perfect skin but if you have bad skin its a weird feeling being there "knowing" people are as you said judging....
  10. see I almost wish acne was life threatening because people ESPECIALLY derms take acne so fucking lightly its rediclous to me....well i guess if there was a cure then even the derms would be out of business eh? theyre crooks just like the big companies... i love how when you go see em for the first time the most they do it tell you to get a BP wash and some prescription for cream that is no better than crappy clearsil....because they know it wont work and will be back so they get the repeat
  11. ermmmm just water? at least use a soap like dove even .... to not even wash the oil off your face is just gross to the point that it almost sounds unhygenic dont you think? well keep us posted and all the best=)