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  1. http://www.nytimes.com/2006/01/26/fashion/...1f4552f&ei=5070
  2. It's better than any other option.
  3. I had/have mild rolling acne scars since the mid 1980's.Probably what worked best for me was CO2 freeze's and TCA/Saliclyic peels.It took countless freeze's and mild peels, but i didn't go into hiding and it helped smooth the scars, but couldn't "pull" up the low points.I hope this helps but I can't promise it will work for anyone else.It does have logic behind it...Good luck jeffh
  4. A scar can't be removed only improved.I don't think even the most optimistic or greedy doctor would state that.If a scar can be completely removed I would like to know how, with proof.
  5. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20051130/ap_on_...face_transplant
  6. I wish you luck...I couldn't tell much from needling.I thought I had results but it was just mild swelling.If you follow your plan you should see results.How much is anyones guess.I did see results from TCA cross. jeffh
  7. TCA cross is one of the few things I've seen that can truly give impressive results.
  8. Hi, You probably could be helped with a really invasive treatment with maybe excision's with fillers...The risk/reward would be in your favor and I'm sure Dr. Y would do his best to improve your condition.They are ways to improve acne scars just not totally remove them. Good luck, Jeffh
  9. Colin, here is the website; http://asds-net.org/find.html It probably has doctors in TX doing cryotherapy.I would guess it would be with liquid nitrogen over co2.I would prefer co2...It's not as cold and not quite as dangerous.It will level off the high points(over time) but can't pull up the low points.I was never interested in fillers but TCA cross did fill in some minor ice picks.My skin is not perfect but probably as good as it will get.If anyone knows how to make the skin perfect
  10. Hi Colin, I live in NC.Cryotherapy for scars was in vogue about the time dermabrasion hit its popularity in the 1960's.I read a book about acne/acne scars treatments in the early 1980's and it mentioned freezing.I found only one doctor doing it and that was 20+ years ago.He also did dermabrasions and had performed over 5000.I either wanted him or a plastic surgeon that nicely excised a big raised scar from a motorcyle accident I had that was completely flat.He did a great job and that was in
  11. I don't know who did your dermabrasion and how bad your scars were/are but with Asian skin the doctor probably should have turned you down.I don't trust most doctors, including or maybe even especially Dr. Y. Like I've stated before he will do about anyone and doesn't seem concerned with risk/reward at all.I've smoothed my scars with repeated peels and CO2 slush treatments , much better than the dermabrasion I had.I had one plastic surgeon tell me(I've seen his work and trusted him) my scars wer
  12. Mainly cheeks but also under my lips.I looked pretty stupid and the worse part was little if any improvement. PS-I do think you skin will return to the normal color but it will happen when it happens.There is no 3,6,9 or even 12 month timetable.Dermabrasion is similar to scraping you leg or arm when you fall.It takes time for the skin to return to normal color but it does, over time.Dermabrasion is just physician controlled scraping. Jeffh
  13. I had a red ring from the dermabraded area that took years to go away.I had mild scars which the dermabrasion did little for and the lines stayed for years.For probably two winters you could tell the dermabraded area...It was red with a line that separated the areas and was more noticeable in cold weather .I hated my dermabrasion experience but believed the books I read stating anywhere from 50 to 80% improvement.I'm not saying that can't happen but would only believe that with someone in the s
  14. If you have to "catch the scars" under certain lighting then your risk/reward is probably poor.The doctor only has a handful of things to offer and most are invasive,expensive or both.You could end up spending alot of money to look worse.
  15. Hi, Infection wasn't my concern, it was improvement.There are some SUPER infections now ,which antibotics have little effect on.These are rare but do exist.I saw little improvement with dermabrasion.I know some people see this as the silver bullet for acne scars, but unfortunately for most people the results will be disappointing. jeffh