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  1. i started taking minocycline about three years ago (i'm no longer on it), and for about a year and a half it worked PERFECTLY - i never had a breakout, never had any scars/red marks, and if i did get a pimple, it only lasted a few days. at the time i was also using retin-a (which dried out my skin horribly, made it peel like crazy, etc.), then got switched to azelex (much better). however, after about 1 1/2 years on it, i broke out horribly one day, worse than i ever have before, and it just s
  2. hi, i'm sort of new here, although i've visited this site many times. i was reading through the reviews on prescription medications the other day and saw that bactrim/septra got a great rating, and literally no complaints. i was just wondering if any of you were taking it, what you thought of the results, were there side effects, and how long it took to work (and also if it's the sort of drug where your acne gets worse before better)? right now i am on doxycycline and using azelex. i was on