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  1. I always think that my friends are talking about me and about my breakout. I always think that, it sucks. So, sometimes I just stay here and not go out. I also think they always notice, I've asked a few friends and they always ask whats wrong, andI do tell them. But they say they dont notice which I think is pity talk. Anyone else sometimes think this?
  2. Ok...My derm has given me around 6 different antiobiotics since July. I am currently on a very strong one. I use Tazorac every other day and Exzit(haha clever...assholes)the next. He said he was going to put me on accutane today, just read over the packet. Well...I got pretty scared(even the doctor said it was scary, but it wasnt high of a chance and I will look good afterwards). And said no, im not ready. What Im wondering is, are the chances of these horrible side effects high? I really
  3. I swear ive had some for over a month, some even 2. I use tape, I use lemon, I use vinigear, Im on Tazorac, why wont they go away?????
  4. I just got it last week, and I went to fast, my skin was getting very red and really dry. So should I just keep it on for like 10 minutes from now on? And after I wash my face, how long should I wait to apply it? I really hope this works. The doctor also gave me antibiotics. And he said that Tazorac helps a little bit with the scarring, is that true? I used vinegar (stopped because of Tazorac), lemon, and tape. So how long will it take for things to get better?
  5. It says on the bottle, distilled. Does that mean I dont have to add water?
  6. Hello, i'm using appl ecider vinegar, but how am I suppose to splash it onto my face with water? That seems hard to do unless I put it in a cup...but then the splash isnt that good. What I do is just get a cotton ball, drench it with vinegar, and apply, but that really stings. How am I suppose to put the vinegar on?
  7. I heard that you put it on your scars, then it will burn them off. Then in a few days your skin will heal and you will have smooth skin. Is this a good idea or bad?
  8. my mom doesnt want to pay for any surgery. And health DOES have a big factor in acne.
  9. My scars and/or redmarks are NOT even fading. And I'm getting MORE acne. I dont get it. I exercise 2 hours everyday, I eat a lot healthier then before, and Im just drinking water. I use the tape method too. What am I do wrong?
  10. Someone told me this-Just apply Salicylic acid to acne scars, known as 'wart remover'. Apply once a day. A layer of your skin will be burnt off. Then apply another layer. Keep applying once a day until the acne scar is completely burnt off. But this stuff will leave a mark on your skin for several days. After several days have past, your skin will become very smooth. Is this true or not?