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  1. All I can do is hope that I grow out of it but to be honest I haven't noticed my acne subsiding over the years so who knows, all I can do is wait and see.
  2. I shouldn't be posting here because of my age but I don't know where else to post this, sorry. I've had acne since a teenager and I've never been able to reduce it never mind get rid of it. I always seem to have oily skin and I'm 18 now so I suppose it's likely hormones but do most people grow out of it and by what age usually?
  3. The problem is if a proper cure was developed, the cost would probably be too much and you might need continuous treatments.
  4. My visa electron card says for electronic use only and it works on the internet.
  5. I used visa electron to order BP gel and the cleanser so yeah it should work fine
  6. I did use it but as you say it's very drying. I now use the clear skin regime cleanser which is still a bit drying but a lot less than the act wash bar.
  7. I do it twice a day and my acne seems to be clearing up nicely
  8. The CSR gentle cleanser is now available.
  9. The aquagel isn't very good. I'd definitely go with the cream.
  10. 2.5% and get the cream not the aquagel. You may thing that's not strong enough but any stronger and your skin is probably going to be very flaky and red.
  11. I actually have two tubes of panoxyl 2.5% so yeah I might do that.
  12. Thanks it will only be the BP gel I have to wait the longest for.
  13. Thanks I'll make sure i get some of that as well. At least I only have to get the bp imported.