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  1. First of all my name is dino, ive been a member on this forum for about 2 years, i think........i suffered from acne for years, tried numerous things without any success. Ever since i found out about dans regiment i have been almost comepletely clear.......my face looked so bad i would be embaressed to go out.....if you want go to my profile and find my previous post's , you'll see me complaining about how horrible my life is lol ....... I work at rite aid, its a small store so i do everything
  2. Im 21 , and ive had acne since i was 15 .......it almost came out of no where , its like i was clear the one week , the next i was full of zits..........its weird cause i had moved from europe , and after a week i started getting acne....... I remember going to school and feeling embarrassed and i would try to hide .I didnt want to face any ones cause i felt ugly also i didnt even know how to speak english very well......... There was a few times where my acne was so bad i didnt even want to
  3. dosent anyone know anything about these scars ?
  4. forgot to mention that i hardly ever shave with a rasor blade , i always use the electric, so i never get cut
  5. i really have no idea how i got them , the only possible way is through acne , its just so weird to have a line like scar like that , its like i cut my face with knife and it has healed and left a scar , even though ive never hurt my face at all by anything. will this go away , it dosent seem too deep, but i got another one now and all together i have 3 ! how do i stop this from happening ? does anyone know ?
  6. i have 3 line like scars, which im 100 % sure ive never been cut there, they look like cuts one is as big as half an inch, this must be from acne , but why a line like scar ? its not too deep and not very noticeable i guess, but still its a scar , and it some angle u can see it, its really bothers me, ive been on the regiment, for about 3 months , i use sometimes netrogena bp and somtimes benzuclean , it seems to be working pretty well for me , besides some little blackhead, i have no pimples, b
  7. how is that possible when benziclin contains benzoil peroxide , but is also an antibiotic creme ????it like the same thing as the regimen only with more stuff to fight acne ,dont understand why it wouldnt work better, has anyone else used it ? i only bought half of the prescription cause i didnt have enouph money on me, half of prescription cost me 77$ , i dont have insurance , sucks
  8. went to the derm for the first time, he said i have mild to moderate acne and he prescribed me Benzaclin, what do u guys know about it ? is it any good ? he said my acne wasent bad enouph to give me any of the strong drugs .what do u guys think , do u think benzaclin can clear me ?
  9. Finally im going to a derm today , waited 3 frikin weeks for this appointment cause their was nothing any sooner, im kinda excited and nervous, im excited cause who knows what the doctor will give me for my acne ,maybe she can help me become clear, on the other hand i am a little nervous ,cause for the first time in 5 years im gonna go out without wearing coverup, i look like shit, but what am i suppose to do , i cant go to the derm with make up, i want her to see how bad it is so she can give m
  10. its a good cleanser but its sucks when it comes to taking off make up , u have to scrubb a little with it
  11. i understand completly what u guys are talking about , i made complaints like that b4 in other post's , its not fair, its not fair that we look like the ones that have the dirty face , when others dont ever wash their face and look like they take care of their face, its fucked up , everything is fucked up, u cant even be your fucking self cause of this shit on your face...
  12. my acne isnt bad to the point where i'd take accutane, its just not worth it, and im way to scared to take it, i already have somewhat of an anxiety disorder, i dont do drugs or drink(not even socially) cause as soon as i get high or buzzed or a little dizzy i get panic attacks, i guess cause i had a virus in my nervous system at one point in my life and it really scared the shit out of me, and i promised my self that im never gonna do anything that could possibly make me sick again, my advice t
  13. ive been doing the rediment since july 7th, i think my face is improving a little, i think my skin is softer and has less little bumps on it, and i have been getting less pimples, but more black heads, i think BP turns all pimples into black heads , or something, i notced i have all thes little annoying black head on my cheeks that i didnt have b4, but i have been getting less pimples and i dont get those huge ones anymore, if i get a pimple its because a little blackhead now, so if i get a pimp
  14. i had the same exact problem , and i think its either my skin wasent use to moisterizers or i was simply putting too much , try putting a very thin layer of moisterizer.and keep blending it in tills theirs hardly any on your face, and im pretty sure in 15 min your face will be dry
  15. i cant say the regiment hasent been working, ive been on it since july seventh and since that period ive only gotten 2 little pimples , and those didnt come up on the problem area that i have been consentrating on , i dont get pimples on my forehead or nose , well i do but very rarely, just stick to the regiment, maybe it takes time , im gonna keep trying cause i got nothing better to do.
  16. lori_lee , its sux that ur daughter has to go through this, i mean it sux for everyone,but i remember i was so embaressed through out high school and would hide, and while all the other kids were in the hallways socializing, i was in the homeroom hideing....i put make up on my face and im a guy and if anyone ever noticed they would say something behind my back, its horrible....tomorrow my cousin is having a little get together and shes gonna invite some of her friends from work so im going there
  17. i woke up and hour ago and washed my face, instead with the purpose soap bar, i used this old clean & clear oil-free daily pore cleanser that i had it sais on the tube " gently scrubs pores clean with smooth, round "micro-scrubbers" wont overdry" it does have those micro -scrubers and i think it worked pretty well on my face, i tried not to be gentle and not irritate my skin , and my skin wasent dry after i washed it and had no pealing, maybe it was cause i tried to take the pealing of yest
  18. forgot to write , that i use neutrogena oil-free sensetive skin, and purpose soap bar.its weird cause with the moisterizer, i can put a lot on my face and it will osbord it but once it gets to a certain point where theres a really thin coat of it on my face it just stays like that and never fully obsorbs, i dont know i guess i have to go buy new stuff.
  19. it sucks though cause i wasted all that money and now i have to buy the stuff from the begining, i guess im gonna buy a new cleanser and moisterizer.
  20. i wish canada did make it legal , even though i dont smoke anymore, cause it makes me dizzy about a year ago a got a common virus but it went to my nervous system and really messed me up , the same day i smocked weed it had happend even though it had nothing to do with the weed, ever since im too scared to smoke cause i dont want to get that sick feeling,its probably anxiety , i get panic attacks cause i think im gonna get sick , but i smocked everyday for a year, my senior year in high school a
  21. i just put on the moisterizer and it burns alot, i guess my skin must be really irritated, but its not red at all, but it really really burns right now, but when i put on the BP it ws fine, i dont know what the hell is going on, i just hope i dont mess up my face with the regiment
  22. ive been on the regimen, for a few days, and my skin is really dry , i put too much BP on , the thing is for a few days now ive been putting on moisterizer, and its not doing anything, i bought the products dan recomended, i dont understand why the dry skin and flakes wont go away , my face is pealing, i got so frustrated today that u did what use to do when my skin got like that and put moisterizer on and scrapped the dead skin off with my fingers trying not to irritate my skin, it just wouldnt
  23. My skin is a little flakey but not red anymore, the moisterizer dosent seem to be doing anything, unless i scrub it off while the moisterizer is the dry skin wont come off, but im not gonna scrub it off cause dan sais that will irritate the skin, i did put a little BP on anyway....cause im just too afraid im gonna get another pimple...right now im waiting for 15 min to put on the moisterizer again.you know that tight feeling u get on your face after u put BP on , well i got that feelings right a
  24. my face just wont obsorb the moisterizer, i put a pea sized a amount(mayeb just a little more ) and my face looks shiney and like it has oil on it, if i touch much face u can feel it, it just wont obsord, my face isnt dry , like normal dry, plus that shiney effect makes my acne clearer and u can see it better, then when i have a dry face, is it suppose to be on your face like that ? i never left moistrizer on my face b4, what i use to do is , put alot of lotion all over my face leave it on then