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  1. ^ i agree. Ayumi Hamasaki is great. I would also play some COLDPLAY or James Blunt.
  2. I'm bisexual( a woman) so i hope you, zeljo4never , burn in hell for what you said. He should be banned for his comments. but on the other hand, i'm glad that there are alot of people here, striaght or gay or bi, are very pro-homosexual. There are like, two people here that are .....homophobes. zeljo4never and sickening.
  3. LOL i'm a girl and i wouldn't call you a HOT guy who every girl goes after. And your atitude tells everything.
  4. Please stop saying how your face is bad or something. How do you think people with worst acne will feel? If you feel bad because of that, how do you think people with worst acne feel? They feel even worst. You're actually not helping anyone here, You're offending alot of people.
  5. Talk about ironic! I was feeling great the past week because i had no breakout, nothing, no whiteheads, etc! And this morning when i woke up, spotted 5 whiteheads and i popped them...(Dont' tell not to because they disgust me and now i have like 5 red spots! )
  6. Lately, i haven't been breaking out but i know it's just a temporary relief. A huge breakout will occur in a few weeks, just watch.
  7. It's strange to see that there are ALOT of homophobic people here like Paradox considering it would be make sense that people with acne are MUCH more accepting yet they're like this. I'm not saying about the whole population but there are some people here who are major bigots.
  8. Actually it does. YOur body needs rest each and every night. Every time when i spent all night partying and not sleep, i get a major breakout. Especially when you're stressed.
  9. I had wished for the end of the world many times........I'd love it for all the pretty people to die with me lol.
  10. Don't worry, i have worst scarring than you do. Those aren't severe.
  11. The reason is because they need to balance the death rate and birth rate. If there is a cure for ANYTHING, people wouldn't be dying of illness every day. Deaths would be only to old people or soldiers or victims of a war. They need people to die to give space for the new generation.
  12. I know how you all feel. I hate how every single mirror looks different in one day! It's hard for me because i really want to know how i look in "reality" to people i talk to. Oh and not just mirrors, PICTURES are deceiving too!
  13. I know how you feel. I hate all my aunt and uncle because of that! Everytime when there's a family meeting-----they make comments about my face!!! WHat fucking bastards! One even said something like "Why is your face ruined?"---I wanted to bitch slap that whore!