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  1. Yer I think what you wrote is exactly right. I have the same theory - that when I came off BP my skin was really dry/flakey so my system produced more oil/sebum to compensate but the oil would get trapped by all the dry skin, causing spots. So for the last 2 weeks I have been moisturising (non comedogenic) to get some moisture back into my skin. I was still getting breakouts, maybe a few more. So half a week ago I stopped moisturising and now I just leave it - skin seems to be less dry and tigh
  2. Thanks mate (jan carlo). Im not sure about the whole moisturising thing though. wouldnt it be better to just let my skin's natural moisture come back on its own (its been pretty dry ever since using Benzoyl Peroxide, before which it was always a little oily). Appreciate your reply.
  3. hey jan carlo. i do believe you are right bcos me and my twin brother's skin used to be the same (only a few spots now and then) when we both did nothing to it - age 15, 16. I would always stress much more over a few spots than him so since June 2005, I've tried BP on 3 separate occasions (because I would peel after about a week) and washing 4-5 times a day which is just too much. My skin has just got worse and more acne-prone - from almost clear with a few spots a few months ago to now having m
  4. ballaballa and jordan 12 and others - I need your advice once again. Ok so like jordan12 ive got those small whiteheads all over my chin area. Unfortunately instead of letting them dry out and fall off Ive given in to temptation on too many occasions and pushed them out - its sorta a yellow hard solid that comes out. Im going to stop this because its not good and leaves the area red ('blood spot'). Ok but what I need your help with is something else. I came off using Benzoyl Peroxide about a mo
  5. an update - so things arent going too well at the moment. Pretty much a new spot per and the last one is one of those big under-the-skin lumps that will turn into a big whitehead. Im really down about this progress. Things were going well for the first few days of this (monday 26 september - thursday 29) but no longer. i dont know what to do? is this breakout common? i just dont see an end to it. my face is sorta naturally dry and lightly peeling at the moment. I think the working of my skin is
  6. cheers u two (ballaballa and jordan) for your quick replies . i managed to pop it with very little pressure so hopefully will be ok now. so when you guys say 'washing wont help' - i understand it wont help but will it 'cure'. this is what i want to know - seemed to do it for alex after a few months. wat do you guys think? acne cured by washing once every 2 days and leaving skin alone?? or do you not do the washing so as to not make things worse? hope u see the difference.
  7. thought id update. so started the no washing thing on monday this week. washed wednesday evening letting water just hit face. was going great till yesterday - face oily with sebum but marks faded and a better 'colour' to my face than when washing all the time. Also no new spots except the really small whiteheads. Anyway today not as good. A big whitehead forming on chin and one on my forehead. Any suggestions/words of support would be great. Hope this thing will work for me long-term.
  8. an update - anyway i decided that i wasnt being true to this regimen since i WAS overwashing, even if it was just with water (i had wedding events all week and got some new spots so fell back into the trap of washing furiously with water to remove them! so stupid because logically we know it a) isnt going to get rid of them b) is going to cause more spots). i was washing sometimes 3-4 times a day and afterwards i could feel my face was dry and 'stripped' of natural oils. Luckily all the events a
  9. hi guys. js thought id report back. i started washing just once a day (though there have been days where ive had to take my hairgel out at night and so washed twice but still only with water and the washes were at least 12 hours apart) about 10 days ago. Since then my skin has normalised after the dry and tight feeling benzoyl peroxide had left on it. Spots tend to be the much smaller kind now which is good and go away within a full day if left alone. Today is kinda gonna mess things up a bit: i
  10. hi ive been on the regimen for around 3 weeks (with plenty of stops and starts due to peeling) and have peeled fully twice. The first time was horrible - my skin was like darker and burnt on top. The second time the skin colour was fine but still peeled. This is despite using a total of 1/4 finger of 2.5% Panoxyl for my forehead and chin area and only at night (after I peeled the first time I cut down to only night use). However I think I may have been in the sun too long with no cover and that
  11. wanted to know if anyone has tried this. did it work? what was your regimen?
  12. Yes I was in the sun quite a bit for two days because was playing football (2 hours on one day and 7 hours on the next!). This could explain it i guess. By the way - what's SPF do anyway? Thanks