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  1. I guess the "cleansing wash" is way too soapy. Soap is bad for the facem and this stuff is full of it.
  2. Sodium laureth sulfate Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES, also SLS), is a detergent and surfactant found in many personal care products (soaps, shampoos, toothpaste etc.). It is a cheap and very effective foamer. CH3(CH2)10CH2(OCH2)nOSO3Na Sometimes the number represented by "n" is specified in the name, as laureth-n sulfate (unsubscripted), for example laureth-2 sulfate. The product of commerce is heterogeneous, both in the length of the alkyl chain (12 being the mode of the number of carbon atom
  3. I stopped using this wash ebcause it would dry out my skin pretty bad afterwars, but now I am up for the challenge. I noticed this wash does not use SA or BP as an active ingredient, so I was wonering what did power it. I am alos wondering if it could be harmful, or completely useless. So here are the ingredients as listed on the "bottle": [Note: the ( ) and abreviations are exactly as it appears on the bottle] Water Acrylates Copolmer Sodium Laureth Sulfate Glycerin Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taur
  4. Sure it may help with keeping your skin looking clear, but it won't do jack shit for blackheads. And I think you should wash your face with water whenever possible. It can't hurt, it's just water.
  5. Search all of the acne.org forums using the "search" function. You may find something that works for you, but if you are like me, you have found nothing so far. For now, until there is a miracle cure, steam every other day, or every day if you can handle it. There are a few topics on acne.org about steaming, alot right here in the "General Acne and Product Posts". Find a topic about steaming,a nd follow their directions. For no I can tell you it is something like: Find a bowl that is big eno
  6. "If the two were the same, then wouldn't people who have gotten rid of all their acne (whiteheads) have also gotten rid of their blackheads?" whiteheads and blackheads are both classed as comedones Ignoring the question. "Why are there people who used Dan's regimin, special prescriptions, changed their diets, or did anything else to rid themselves of acne, yet they are left with blackheads?" They are often also left with whiteheads So they are rid of acne, yet they still have acne? I don't get
  7. If you want to complain, there is also a board for it. Not only about Blackheads, about everything. I'm speaking strictly about Blackheads. How many topics, useful ones, can you really get on Blackheads? To be honest, I kinda dislike how you post earlier along the lines "Whatever you talk, please describe Blackheads". It feels selfish to me.. although blackhead is a big problem, it isnt the only problem around. Yes it might not be specically addressed, but there is a forum for the category.
  8. What he said True the Canadian Regimin Supply forum, the Support Group forum are not popular. That's why we shouldnt add more unpopular forum. ←
  9. I'm referring to this. If by just talking about Whiteheads can overweight the Blackhead, in such that eveyrone would just talk about whiteheads, then shouldnt a forum dedicated to Whitehead be in place? In there should be a new forum open, what's wrong with "Blackhead & Whitehead" forum? I mean how many topics can you really post about blackhead? You can have up to 30 (rough estimate) topics per page. Surely it's way more than enough for just Blackheads. ← That's just it, Blackhead t