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  1. haha good observation. i'm not a huge fan, i do enjoy a few songs though.
  2. Day 120 - End Of Month Four So I thought this would be the beginning of my last month on accutane which would have made it a 5 month couse, but since my skin was already clear my doctor decided no more accutane was needed. So 4 month course is complete. Im really happy about that. Hopefully 2 months from now i won't need another course, although if i do my doctor said he would not hesitate to put me on it again since i had NO SIDE EFFECTS AT ALL. I'm really scared about it coming back and ta
  3. I actually took my last pills yesterday!! The plan was initially five months but since things were going so good my doctor decided to stop at 4 months. He says if the acne returns that i could go on a second course in february, BUT IM HOPING THAT WON'T BE NEEDED. Hope i didn't come off too soon. Only thing that's annoying is the chapped lips so im looking forward to that going away in the coming weeks. Bring on the oil, but not too much. Overall im happy i went on accutane and it gave my co
  4. Hey vanessa, i was just wondering how long it took for you're side effects to go away. ie. dry skin, chapped lips and etc. I'm actually looking forward to getting a bit of natural oil back on my face have things continued to improve now that the course is done or relatively staying the same?
  5. Day 90 - End of Month Three. (November 10th) Oh kay. Wow im done 3 months. 3 more to go. Half way there. Alot has changed since my last post. That pigmentation problem i thought i had was only a patch of dry skin and it is totally gone now. It was really bothering me so i'm glad it quickly just faded away. My skin is doing good. I can't imagine what another 3 months will do because i've seen a lot of improvement this past month. It seems to be really kicking in now that i've gone to 60mg a d
  6. I am from Toronto. Diehard leafs fan. I despise the sens, obviously. Although I can admit they're extremely good and probably will win the cup this year. I like Spezza he's amazing, i used to watch him all the time when he was on the mississauga ice dogs. Yeah, don't get too many Oilers games around Southern Ontario ehh. I've always liked them, so exciting to watch. Those playoffs series' with Dallas Stars almost every year are probably the most entertaining hockey games i've seen.
  7. Hey man goodluck. This will work for you. My acne isn't severe either and i'm on 60mg a day. My skin is literally shedding like a snake, its pretty awesome. In a few months i'm sure both of us will have our lives back. Oh, and also...I see you're from Waterloo. Which means you must be a hockey fan. So i figure you're Spezza username means you're a sens fan. and that means i hate you. ahah kidding. GO LEAFS GO.
  8. Hey rosie. I'm glad to see a post from you. Good to know things are starting to progress for you here. I know you probably already know that Accutane can continue to work and show results even after you finish taking the pills. I'm sure it will get better as the continue to fly by. I haven't really had any bad side effects at all. I'm starting to wonder if this drug is a little "over-hyped" if you know what i mean. So many people are deadly afraid to take this drug, thats a shame, because it
  9. Day 70 I'm not that content with my skin right now. I think i have a small spot of Hyperpigmentation on my cheek, i'm not sure though. It may just be a dry patch of skin. But it just came out of nowhere, i woke up with it the other day. If it's not gone by my next doc appt then i'll ask him what he thinks. My skin is dry. Obviously. As are my lips. But it's not THAT bad. I've had no side effects what so ever on this drug other than drying. I guess i'm pretty lucky. Overall the benefits i've s
  10. Yeah the weakened immune system deffinately sucks. I just got over a cold that lasted a month and it was extremely annoying. Goodluck with everything!
  11. Hey, were both at about the same time into our course. Today is Day 62 for myself. I read you're log on occasion and wish you all the best on the rest of the treatment. This is supposedly the time when Accutane really starts to take its effect. So goodluck!
  12. man god fucking bless you. this is an amazing story. i wish you all the happiness in the world man. i truly do. amazing.
  13. Day 60 - End of Month Two. (October 11th) OKAY, shit it's been a while. Apologies. Anyways i am done 2 months on accutane. Feels good to be moving along quickly. No Oil. No blackheads. Skin texture is so-so...everything is still up and down. but my dosage got upped to 60mg a day now. for the first two months i was on only 30mg, so i believe i'll probably start to see the real effects of accutane now. my doctor says he's seen improvement though and wanted to really "kick the acne while its down
  14. DAY 35 oKAY, so if it's one thing i'm sure of it's that i have no blackheads whatsoever. My skin tone has improved dramatically. The spots are still up and down, one week i'll have close to none and the next i'll have a few. I'm pretty confident that i'll be happy with the end result when my accutane course is complete. i've have a very horrible persistant cold for the past 2 weeks and i don't know if it's the accutane thats slowing down the process of getting better or what. My nose is also
  15. DAY 30 - End of Month One. (september 11th) Okay so it's been one month and i don't know what to say. The doctor kept me on 30mg a day and said by the end of month 2 we'll have a better idea if this dosage will be enough for the rest of the course. Dry skin and lips is all i'm dealing with now, but neither are that bad. I'm reserving judgement for now. I know it's working somewhat but it's still early to tell. End of month 2 will hopefully bring more answers. Accutane doesn't make us depresse