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  1. Come back, I want updates! ;)

  2. Hey CelineCarey! I've tried Hydroquonine products with no luck... Well maybe because I've only used the 2% products but do you know of a good product that actually lightens your skin with Hydroquonine!! Also I've already tried the Black Opal product...
  3. So getting this sunscreen will possibly help my face get better?? Because it's ben like this for years & I hardly break out that much, every now & then but still..... I'll give this sunscreen a try...
  4. Ok, I have a real problem as far as my skin tone & skin type.... I am african american & before my acne & scarring, my complexion was caramel like beyonce.... But years of scarring & putting stuff on my face has made my facial skin almost as dark as the actual color black. It's nothing wrong being dark skinned but It doesn't match up with my body tone which is the same color (caramel) since I didn't break out in other places on my body.I've tried almost everything everyone mentio
  5. I hate this acne, this really has lowered my self confidence & self-esteem.... I like this girl who doesn't know I exist yet!! But she is really attractive.I feel like, she would think I'm ugly with all the scars & bumps on my face.I've been turned down so many times.... They weren't rude with it. They all said, that my face was a turn-off & that if I had clear skin, I would look so much better.Maybe I should wait to my skin clears.... which probably won't be soon. I'm 17 & I kno
  6. Ugh, I really have no self-esteem now, the only time I will feel confident again is when my skin clears... I've gotten a whole bunch of ugly comments from people, & they all say the same thing,you'd look so much better if you didn't have all those marks & scars on your face..... That just kills me hearing that....
  7. http://shop.store.yahoo.com/treasuredlocks...s/blprskca.html So far I'm using the Black Opal Pre-Fade Complexion Bar & the Black Opal Advanced Dual Complex Fade Gel, I've only had this for a week. Well my skin still looks pretty discolored & uneven, but it does look like it's starting to help fade my old marks alot!! Ones I've had for years... They say you have to wait a couple of weeks to get so more good results but it seems promising!!! /
  8. Is it worth wasting like $20.00 and does it work for old scars & lightens up your skin to a smoother even color again?? Thanks!
  9. Boy, this week was terrible, just when I feel confident something comes to knock me off my high. I broke out really bad last weekend.So of course I'm with my friends & we'll always play and crack jokes on each other! I do too for fun, but everyone always gets on my acne and scars & I take that really personal, I try not to but I feel like they're actually serious because it's something I know that's what I really got on my face.I was play joking with this girl today & I made a little
  10. I don't know what they are... If you look real close in the mirror you'll notice them... Their like tiny bumps that's all over my face & it makes my skin look horrid.Is there any way to smooth out my skin & get rid of the tiny bumps??
  11. Ok, My cheeks & forehead have nasty looking blotches of healed scars that didn't heal back properly. They looks almost like damaged skin patches.I've been waiting patiently but these areas seems like it's doing nothing..... I just wish I could have my even smooth skin back again...
  12. I'm a male,& I'm 17, I'm not sure about my scars... their healed... they just left like hyperpigmetation marks, I have a bunch of blotched scars and blothced dry,dull looking skin, it's not smooth and toned as it used to be, I don't know what I can do to improve my complexion and get the scars to go away.
  13. Ok, I am originally peanut butter brown complexion,but the scarring and acne over the recent years has made my face dark brown color... almost like my face has been burnt,my face isn't smooth,it isn't even toned, it's scarred and badly discolored.... it's dull and rugged looking, I can't really explain it, it doesn't have a complexion to it really anymore. It's not real bad in scarring, it's like I have healed scars that has been there for a year... but it left hyperpigmentation.... it's not hea
  14. It's not affecting my school work & grades.... but it sure is affecting my social life... Before I had acne.... I would have alot of friends & I wasn't afraid to talk to new people & make new friends.Now it's the opposite, I'm scared to even talk to the girl I like because it's like, she's not going to like me because of my scarring.