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  1. It's been another couple weeks since my last post, so I thought I would update. The news is good. Since the last breakout I mentioned, I have not had another breakout. I have gotten a pimple here and there but it isn't what I would call a breakout. A pimple will just pop up and go away within a day or two. Im very pleased with the results still. I even am at the point where I would be willing to leave my house without makeup. It's mainly just healing red spots now and they are slowly fading so
  2. I had a good response in my first week, but then broke out in my second, then cleared in my third, then broke out in the fourth. I'm now in my sixth and haven't had a break out in 1 1/2 weeks. Nonetheless, each breakout was getting a bit smaller and less inflamed, so I am assuming if I get another, it will be manageable.
  3. I know you've tried Bp, but have you tried dans Bp and according to his guidelines. I'm 31 and like you had tried everything with no lasting success. This included Bp. However, I recently tried dans Bp and regimen and have been amazed. I am almost clear right now other than one or two active spots and leftover red spots. I sorta tracked my progress in a forum "pleasantly surprised...." (I forget the entire title). I am not sure what it is, but something about how protocol has been successful fo
  4. I started the regimen mid-July and I only use it on my lower face - around my mouth and chin - because this is where my main breakouts are. I started using just a dab of BP, but within a week worked up to enough bp that it takes me a few minutes to get it to soak in. For just my mouth area, this is a thick tip of my finger amount. I do know that I started noticing more results when I increased the amount I used. I get more dryness and flaking but I definitely am clearer. If you look at the post
  5. I think everyone is different in how they respond. My redness lasted only two weeks. Other peoples' has last two months. I think part of the trick with the regimen is making adjustments to how much you r using based on your skins response. But I'm a newby at this so someone with more experience might have more to say about it.
  6. It's been five weeks now. Last week I had a breakout of whiteheads around the one side of my mouth. I was disappointed but reminded myself that this is common in the beginning stages of the regimen. I powered through without changing what I was doing. I'm pleased to say that the breakout is now healing. I only have a couple active pimples and they are healing and quite small. The spots r leaving mild red marks but I can live with red marks. I'm hoping the span of days without a breakout is grow
  7. I was clear for three months this winter. I can tell u that you would never have known if you were in my head. I started going without make up but I felt so naked every day and would check the mirror regularly to make sure I wasn't breaking out. Every morning was a war BC I would assume I broke out and be scared to see myself in the mirror. My husband and I even fought one day BC I said I broke out and he told me I was crazy cuz he didn't see one spot. I eventually did break out again, but
  8. I will echo what others have said. I am also about four or five weeks in and I'm just getting over a breakout from last week. It scared me when it came up, but now as it is clearing, I am feeling more confident that the regimen is continuing to work.
  9. Good luck with this. I have a very similar story to you, so I'm interested in watching your progress.
  10. I have a different opinion about microdermabrasion so I thought I would throw it up here. I think one problem with microdermabrasion is that there are many different types and there are many different levels of experience of the clinicians performing them. I am a lover of microdermabrasion. i have had probably 20-30 microdermabrasions over the past 10 years in multiple cities, multiple clinics, and by multiple clinicians. Some of these have been horrible and some of them have been amazing. Based
  11. I saw some initial improvements when I was using it once per day and then I increased to twice per day as the regiment suggests. There are occasional days where I will skip one of the two and i do find that I notice a difference in my skin. I would say go by trial and error. If you find an improvement on once per day, why bump up to twice? however, if you arent' getting the clear skin you want, then you won't really know whether it works until you try twice per day for a significant period of ti
  12. I am now 3 weeks in. Overall, my skin is better although I do have comeodones and some whiteheads form every few days. I will be almost clear for about one or two days, then I will have a small breakout. I'm assuming this is part of the process and with more time the small breakouts will be less frequent. I hope so anyways.
  13. I agree. My skin didn't get dry until i upped the BP and then even at that it took about 4 - 6 days at the higher does before it got flakey. Good luck!
  14. I think there are many of us who suffer on the continuum of BDD. We become hyper focused on our skin and do not see our appearance accurately. We assume we have more severe acne than we do and we assume we look ugly even when others do not view us this way. Medication can be helpful (although there is currently no medication approved by the FDA for BDD as far as I know). However, I would more strongly recommend psychotherapy with a qualified doctoral psychologist with expertise in the area. Me
  15. I am at the same point in my life. This is what I've come up with: Birth control- for obvious reasons, can't take Accutane- cant take due to fetus effects SA- not considered safe to use while pregnant Natural hormone regulators like saw palmetto- also considered not safe Retin-A - also not safe Cleansers that are natural without SAs are what's recommended. BP is also safe. Some peels and microdermabrasion also safe. I recommend you talk to a derm to see what she would consider safe and v