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  1. Hi guys thanks for all the feedback I have decided to the following I going to have the smartxide treatment which works out much cheaper, I can get around 3 treatments for around £1500 which i believe is to bad. The place is much closer as well.
  2. dont be fooled one and done doesnt exist I would agree with scars maybe but I don't have them, I mainly looking at skin texture.
  3. I have spoken to quotes the smartxide is £900 and fraxel repair is £3100. So i assume it cannot be as good as they advise it takes mutiple treatments of smartxide I just want one treatment and get it done with
  4. Hi Guys I'm Looking into getting some laser treatment to help improve my skin after my acne days, its just very rough, sun damage and wrinkles before my time. I am looking at the two following Deka SmartXide Fractional Co2 Laser or Fraxel Repair I do want to get the one that is going to get my the best results, could anyone advise. I have been google but I get a lot of conflicting information.
  5. This is what my skin looks like now Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  6. My skin is'nt what I could perfect I still see blackheads on my nose but I massive pores there and I got a few scars. But nothing that will get my down. Worse things in life to have then that just glad my face is'nt cover in zits anymore. I used to have a complete face full of them
  7. I get what you’re saying however when it's comes to girls now, even If I think I like a girl. I usually get overcome with hated and resentment now and think sod them
  8. The only time I got a little spot when I was shaving but I think this due to using shaving gel. So I changed to electric saver hopefully that will resolve it. But either way not to concerned.
  9. Sorry but girls treated me like shit throughout. I was told a few times by then how will you ever get a gf with them spots. Sorry but you can't blame me for hating them. I never seen people in the 50's get spots but for most of the people spots will eventually go away just need to ride it out.
  10. Well the last six months I been acne free. I don't do anything really, I just think I’ve grown out of it at the eventually age of 24 lol. I quite happy in my life now, I got a decent job in IT and got a place of my own and good set of mates that were friends before when I was really spotty. The only people who can go to hell are girls they made it quite clear I wasn’t good enough before. So they can keep dating the guys that cheat on them and hit them etc. From what I seen from relation
  11. Just speaking to a few people who told me a girl rejected because he wasnt a footballer or in a high profile job. To be honest it makes me think girls are a waste of time. They said are not superficial but it's a totally lie They wants looks money and god knows what else
  12. saying that I not sure if has made an improvement in end I noticed in the sunlight my skin does'nt look as rough. Plus I noticed photos of me look better. I not sure whether or not to have another treatment but request I want more passes and I want them to go right up to my eyes this time. I did say before but she did'nt which I little annoyed about.
  13. To be honest I don't feel hurt i'm not afraid of rejection. It's just I know what the girls will said now and just got fedup of the same reaction that is all. The way I thinking and to honest it's how I been feeling for some time if I don't ask I'm not giving them the oppunity to reject me. This was the first girl I ask out in two years and just proves I'm right
  14. I don't think women are bad lol But honestly don't worry I couldn’t care less now. I not some needy crappy guy but guy but as stupid as it sounds I wanted to experience having a girlfriend who I like. Stupid Dream I going to put in the bin