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  1. Day 69: I haven't had a breakout for about a month I think. maybe even longer. it's so nice. My redmarks are fading...I'm looking super clear. My sister told me the other day that my skin looks so good. Skin isn't too dry. I only put moisturizer on the dry patches. My lips are the dryest, as I've mentioned before. Can't leave the house without aquaphor... Unfortunately, I have been suffering some mental side effects. I've been feeling depressed, paranoid, and guilty. I don't know whether it's
  2. Day 62: Hey everyone...I'm bad at updating. I apologize. My skin is behaving...haven't had a breakout in weeks (except one extremely small pimple). My skin tone is even, besides the redmarks (which are fading). It's really soft, and the only places that get super dry are the areas on my jawline and around my mouth. My lips are the dryest out of anything. Body skin is always itchy so I have to have lotion on it. Tuesday I go back to the derm and will be going into my 3rd month.
  3. Day 51: Things are going wonderfully, skinwise. I had a MASSIVE pimple on the side of my face yesterday...and today it's already scabbed over. Accutane is incredible. I have some more blackheads in my nose again...but I guess they're just being purged. Side effects aren't bad. Just dry skin & lips. My hair doesn't feel as thick...but it looks the same. My mom says it still feels thick, so I guess I'm just being paranoid.
  4. Day 45: heyyy guys! sorry I haven't updated in a while. I've been soo busy in the last week. but anyway. my skin is doing great, I haven't really had a bad breakout in the past 2 weeks (knock on wood). it's so nice! still have redmarks but they are definitely fading. as for the side effects, since going on 60mg the dryness is a lot worse. I have to moisturize a lot. my face isn't pale like it was pre-tane. it's just fair and I have rosy/red cheeks & chin. it's kinda nice to actually have
  5. Day 36: Things are looking a lot better. My skin tone looks more even and I have no pimples. Just redmarks...yay! My redmarks don't even look that bad either. I'm hoping things just start getting better from now on My only side effects are dry skin & lips. well that's pretty much all I have to update for now...
  6. Day 33: I had my 18th birthday on Sunday. It was fun Anywho, on Monday my dosage was upped to 60mg. Sweeeeet. I got about 4 pimples in the past few days. 3 of them came to a head, and are now scabbing up. The other one just became a red bump on the side of my nose (I HATE getting pimples there). I can feel another pimple on it's way. Is this the initial breakout I wonder? My overall skintone is kinda ick...it's red and blotchy, and my redmarks don't help. Hope everyone's course is going
  7. Day 30: Well, I took my last pill from my last blister pack today. I go get my bloodwork done tommorow, and my derm appointment is Monday. I hope my chelesterol has lowered since last time...even though I haven't been dieting all that much (oops). guess if it's still elevated I will have to. oh well, it will be good for me. I can't fill out my Ipledge shit on the website yet cuz my derm hasn't confirmed anything. guess I'll wait until Monday. and then I'll probably get my prescription Monday or
  8. selfesteem : I have been paranoid about pretty much everything. it's developing into OCD I think. lol. like, at school I HAVE to step on the purple parts of the floor (purple is one of our school colors) or else I think something bad is going to happen to me...and just stuff like that. I've always been a little paranoid, but not that much. redsox: my dreams have been a lot more vivid and just straight up weird! I can definitely relate to you. sundance: yeah, I can't wait for this to be over! I
  9. Day 26: does anyone know if severe paranoia is a side effect? lately I've been SO paranoid about every little thing. I hate it. ugh. but anyway, I have a pimple on my chin. hopefully it'll go away quickly. otherwise just redmarks (as usual). I really can't wait for my face to be COMPLETELY clear. cuz that's one less thing I have to be paranoid about. edit: I just looked up the pyschiatric side effects of accutane and paranoia is one of them. oh well. not like that's gonna make me want to go of
  10. Redsox: my skin is flaking just a tad...but moisturizer takes care of that. but even when I put that on my face doesn't feel oily. it's awesome Tanya: I actually haven't been wearing make up while on accutane, I don't feel the need to really. but yeah I LOVE having no oil. Day 25: well I looked in the mirror this morning, and there are literally about 3-4 blackheads left on my nose. amazing! I remember, just a week ago my nose was covered in them and felt like sandpaper. I haven't had any
  11. Day 24: well there's officially no oil on my face anymore. and it's dry everywhere now, instead of just my chin & around my nose. guess I'll have to start moisturizing more. NO ACTIVE PIMPLES! the redmarks on my cheeks are going away quickly. the ones on my chin are taking a little longer but...I'm sure it'll be fine soon. that's all for now. have a great weekend everyone!
  12. Thanks, you're both very sweet! I didn't mean it was my first day of school though, lol. it was just my first day back after a long weekend. Day 22: I'm feeling good about my face today. It seems as though a lot of the blackheads on my nose are coming out, finally. Only one very small active pimple, then the same redmarks. the redmarks on my cheeks seem to be fading very quickly. and my skin tone is looking wonderful, besides the redmarks. I think my log is kinda boring, lol. Maybe I'll post
  13. I think a lot of people do see their scars improve while on accutane. your skin will shed and the dents will become less deep/fill in if that makes sense. don't worry Jaymi, you're beautiful and I'm sure you'll have wonderful results
  14. isn't having less oil soo wonderful? I think so. I broke out just a tad the first few days too...nothing to worry about. and isn't it amazing how pimples go away so much quicker on accutane? well anyway hope you have a great evening, redsox!
  15. Thank you! redmarks are a pain...but in a few months we'll both have perfect skin :) Day 19: My skin isn't oily at all anymore. and yet the dry skin isn't terribly painful or anything...it's wonderful. My face doesn't feel so...heavy anymore? the oil used to weigh it down and you don't really realize how much it does until you go on 'tane! lol. I popped the pimple I had...I just couldn't stand to look at the head anymore (which was really just a white scab). I know I probably shouldn't h