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  1. im thinking about taking accutane..but i heard theres quite a few people who goes on 2nd or maybe even 3rd course....i just want to know why wasn't one course good enought?..im jus curious..thanx in advance
  2. i been on the regimen for 5 wks and i got a few cysts on my face after i started the regimen and its not going away..did this happen to anyone?
  3. thanx for the replies i do the same thing in the morning and evening Wash face with Nuetrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser Wait a good 15 minutes then put Eryth. & Benzoyl Peroxide (5%) wait a good 10 minutes then Eucerin Skin Renewal i also take nature's cure pills but i dont use their cream also within the 2nd wk of the regimen, i developed like 5 cysts on 1 side of my face and they're not going away but they do go down when i put alot of bp on it but not going away....also i wake up with a n
  4. when i started the regimen..i was somewhat mild to moderate....i wanna really stick to the regimen because its so simple but i have no sign of improvement...it gets worse and worse every morning i wake up...im really considering Accutane since now my acne is moderate to severe................ahh i dont even know what to do......
  5. this is my 3rd wk on the regimen now...i didnt have any cyst until i started the regimen and now i got like 5 cyst on one side of my cheek and it hurts really bad because its like there just bunchin up in that one spot..i dont even know what to do....are they going to go away when i stick to the regimen? because cyst is a severe case but the regimen is mostly good for mild to moderate (thats what i had when i started the regimen)...did this happen to anyone? and if it did...did u stick to the re
  6. Someone told me about this regimen but i dont know how it work because i just started Dan's regimen and im giving his regimen a good 3months plus im hoping it works ....but i was just curious about this one use the steps for morning and night 1st.Cleanser: Gly/Sal 10-2 Cleanser 2nd Toner: Glycolic Elite Facial Toner 3rd Cream: Benzaderm 10% Gel (10% Benzoyl Peroxide) 4th Mostr: Glycolic 10% Moisturizing Gel im not sure if you could find these products over the counter but you could order th
  7. This is my 3rd week on the regimen now and my face is still peeling but not as bad as it was the 1st week. After cleansing, there are always flakes, dead skin cells, etc. and if i dont remove them..i think they will clog up my pores...i found a product called "Glycolic Elite Facial Toner"...it says " a blend of gycolic acid, witch hazel & selected extracts to gently cleanse, tone & refresh the skin. designed to remove oil and debris from the skin surface.."...theres no alcohol in it Do y
  8. this is a question for the people who had/have success with the regimen? how long did it take for u to see full results? i was just wondering to get an idea (this is my 2nd wk. on the regimen & i have 2more wks until school start and i really dont want to look like a beast on the 1st day of school plus this is my senior year) so please respond so i could get an estimate on how it will work out for me thanks
  9. about the peeling..it will stop afta a week or 2....my face was peeling really bad the 1st week N now im on week 2...and its not peeling no more but for that 1st week..i didnt start peeling it off til the 4th or 5th day..afta cleansing..u could see all da dead skin cells..and i took a tweezer (didnt want 2 use fingers)...and just pull off the flakes...MAKE sure u dont touch ur face while doing so...usualli the 1st layer of peeling is the worst but after that u would have "normal" peeling
  10. Robyn...are u on the regimen using benzamycin?..is it clearing up for u? and how long have u been on it?. (im just trying to get an idea when i will see improvement..i have been on it for only a week)-thanks
  11. i have been doing that for a week now but when I read the benzamycin's drug information and it said allow 3-4 to see improvements. i was thinking if i dont see improvements by week 4..i would quit it and go 2 bp gel.
  12. how long have u been on the regimen? is it clearing up ur face or is the benzamycin too strong?
  13. I have been using the regimen for a week now; however, i did alter the regimen, instead of bp gel, i use Erythromycin(3%) and Benzoyl Peroxide(5%) (prescribed)..with that i use Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser & Eucerin Skin Renewal Day Lotion. My face has been peeling really bad. For example, there be a flake on the side of my face after washing/drying my face and when i pull on the flake..it seems like i could peel off the top layer of my skin. when i look at it..i realized it is just dead