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  1. thanks alot for the info,i will ask her, i usually drink 2 gallons of water when i have practise and 1.5 when not.in season right now its reall hard for me to find a day to lift. on off days im really tired and just rest or do set shots.i hope i wont have tocut back on sports
  2. Hell ye, i would love to have these women runnin after me.the first thing i would do with clear skin to go to this girl that i still like which i met 2 years ago and just ask her to go out with me. did you do sports alot on accutane?if i get joint probs is there a supplement which could combat that?
  3. Hey! Just cam from Derm. she will put me directly on accutane i have blood and allergy test on 7th of october and if everything is ok we will start immediatly she said.will my joints be still effected after the course?
  4. Hey ijust got a date for today with a derm who is well-known aroung th ewhole country.i heard the she puts people on accutane even on mild cases since 1980.i´m looking forward to what she´s gonna say bout me
  5. I posted the same thing on clearmyface and hell no i´m not an advertiser of xian Hi evryone. for those who don´t know me->i´m gonna make it short. I´m 16 from Germany suffers since i´m 12 or 13. things I tried were among BP,Glycemic acid,masks,Xian(was very helpfull, but the second order was blocked by customs,i´m tryin to get it tho) and a lot of other stuff.today after a long derm brake i went to the doc again and told him that accutane helped my sister a lot and if
  6. Hi dashboard! It´s sad, that there are still people on this board who think that im advertising this product. I don´t care anymore, it works for me and it could work for you,it´s your decision.People call me asshole because of the fact that i want help them.
  7. I am on my second week now and my skin is gettin better and better, along with xian i have used devinaschoice mask, amazing thing!i will get more. As a cleanser i use toothpaste now, ye lol its wonderful! I just bought some benzoyl peroxid(they only got the 5 percent tho) i also bought a moisturizer with spf 15. I had some breakouts becauseof the sundamage, but its nothing like severe acne. some pimples and scars, i hope that im lcearing up in a few months. You feel so much better, knowing t
  8. I have to admit that my improvements in couple of hours where just plain enthuiasm. But its my second week now, and my skin gets better and better. Last week of school and then holiday and that means that i can sleep sleeeeeeeeeep sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppppppp ye i love to sleep good for body good for skin good for you. Next pics on monday 21th of july!
  9. You call me an asshole?Thats is stupid!I just wanted help from this board and vice versa and people call me asshole now..............
  10. [email protected]! Your own body produces Creatine and if you aren't vegeterian you get creatine from meat too!!!!!So u take steroids?haha!!!! Hey peoplei told ya im not adverting,i showed you pics i will show more what do you want more????
  11. As i said before, why cant you just copy and paste the link into your browser. Mark the link then rightclick and select copy then go into the adress table above and rightclick paste
  12. Xian b4 afetr pics till now. copy and paste the link into your browser http://mgdaturk.50megs.com/11.07.03%20b4%2...fter%20pics.jpg
  13. DAMN IT! how many times do i have to tell you that i take 20 pilss twice daily the first week? ye i take 20 of this small pills at morning and at evening on empty stomach! And it works great, yes great!!!!!!!!!! For all this people who say im an Ad or something, wait, wait you will get the pics!
  14. lol... what he meant was that he takes 2 pills a day for a total of 20 pills per bottle... he´s French so please excuse him... lol, just playing bro! MURAT.. Creatine causes acne, you should stop it and if you´re taking monohydrate this is probably the source of your stomach cramps.. Good luck and keep us all updated! No i meant 20pilss twice daily!!!!The pills are small...... And how does it come you make me french?im turkish and i live in germany. I said you getthe pics on