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  1. Hello, everyone. This is an update and I apologize in advance for the length. On April 2, I think that will be 4 months since my fifth and final fraxel 2 treatment. (I'm sorry that I don't have all the levels stuff in my sig line, I don't recall exactly what they were at this point, but I DID post the levels here as I had them done; we started in I think August or September of last year, we started lower and ramped up fairly quickly - as best I can recall, the final two treatments were 40mjs
  2. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!
  3. I'm still happy with the results. I tried to post a photo to an album in the gallery, but the quality of what shows once it's posted is the WORST and you can't tell much at all from it. Anyone know of a better way so you can actually SEE the detail in the photo?
  4. My age: 46. My scarring is 25 years old, moderate to severe, mostly rolling. I had a series of FIVE treatments, using the newest technology (on the fraxel thread, we call it "fraxel 2"). My LAST treatment was done just two weeks ago - and full benefit from this treatment is NOT seen for about 3 - 6 MONTHS - so I should continue to see improvements through about May/June 07. That said.....my answers to the poll questions: 1. Effectiveness: I'd give it a 7 as of right now. 2. Painfulness
  5. Hello! Thought I should drop by and give an update... It's been two weeks since my fifth and final fraxel (fraxel 2). The most dramatic improvements I've seen so far are to the lines around my eyes (the lines are either gone or much MUCH softer), to two relatively shallow saucer shaped scars (these have filled in quite a bit already), and to a quarter sized depressed area (this area has raised up). Overall, my skin is much smoother. I tried to prep pictures to post here and somehow manag
  6. I'm going to give my skin a month at least, then I'll post before and after shots.
  7. Most definitely! :clap: For now, of course, I'm puffy and red and flakey post treatment. :redface: And remember - I'm not in the ideal candidate age range - I'm 46. You younger ones will be able to get much better improvement than I'm able to get.
  8. Hey, jjp - had my fifth one on Monday. I am still swollen and red today. I had MASSIVE flaking yesterday, still going today but not as much since most of my face flaked off yesterday... I'm going back in March so they can get "after" pics, and I'll decide whether to have another round at that point, too. If I get decent improvement from this one by March, I MAY do a couple more.
  9. Settings info: Full face, 20mjs, treatment level 10, 10 passes. Additional cheeks, chin (and this time, she did my forehead too - OUCH!) 40mjs, treatment level 8, 8 passes. I think a little bit of the swelling has gone down over the course of the day today. But I'm still quite puffy. Still red, still VERY sore, and still sandpaper skin.
  10. Well, once again my efforts to sleep upright failed. lol. I slept on my right side so now, my right side is more swollen than my left. My skin has that sandpapery feeling, but no peeling yet. I have a few pinpoint bleeds, they're scattered all over.
  11. 5th fraxel (fraxel 2) today. Last one - will reevaluate in March and perhaps go for a second series. I didn't get the settings but will call tomorrow and ask for them. I know it was high - Dr. Jih told me she used the highest setting she's used on a patient so far. I came VERY close to having to stop. It hurt an awful lot. I'm swollen, red, sore. More sore this time than with past treatments. I guess I'll try to sleep upright tonight so as to avoid any more swelling.
  12. I'll be going for my 5th and final Fraxel 2 in the morning. I'll post when I get back to let y'all know how it goes.
  13. Today is two weeks since 4th treatment (fraxel 2). Redness is pretty much gone. I had a minor breakout around my chin but that is over now . The improvement to the lines around my eyes is flat out AMAZING. I'm also pleased with the decrease in depth of the marionette lines. The lines are still present but they are getting more shallow. Overall, my scars are more shallow/less noticeable. My FAVORITE way to judge the improvement is to view my skin with lighting from behind and at a
  14. I based my decision on the fact that fraxel 2 goes deeper than fraxel 1. To me, it seems logical that with scars that are old (like mine) and severe (like mine), deeper has a better shot at helping them than the less deep treatment I'd get with fraxel 1. I also think it is going to vary from person to person, with age and other factors playing a role in how well treatments work. Money was not an issue in my situation, as the quotes I got for fraxel 1 were within a few hundred dollars of the
  15. From reading here for over a year, I believe cooltouch would be a complete waste of money for me.