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  1. I just did this with tea tree oil...i'm tempted to peel off the skin, but i think it would make it raw...I don't know what we're supposed to do, mabye just keep it moisturized?
  2. but i did it yesterday and today it is still red and the skin looks burnt...should i just keep it moisturized?
  3. Please anyone help please...i'm lost as for what to do?
  4. I used a bunch on tea tree oil on a zit and now the skin all around it is bright red and dry looking...is this a burn? How to I treat it...will the skin just flake off on it's own? Any advice please:( Great way to ruin a weekend:(
  5. Why do clogged pores turn to pimples..pimles to scabs....scabs to depression? I have to see my bf this weekend(he will be staying over) and i have 2 scabs...and 2 new pimples?? I hate my life and am so embarassed to see him, or anyone for that matter:(
  6. ok thanks...i'll wait it out another few days and if it doesn't heal i guess i'll see a doc...keeping fingers crossed
  7. Hey looking for some help please. On tuesday i got a dime size burn on my chin from over treating a zit with TTO. It was then very raw...i've been drying it out during the day and polysporin at night...it has not healed yet...how long do you think the healing period for something like this normally is? Should i start to be worried...or give it more time? Any thoughts are appreciated as i'm starting to think i may have to seek medical advice:(
  8. I read that mango, and bannana's cause acne.
  9. Well here is another weekend ruined b/c i will be stuck indoors:( My face has 7 red spots and 2 of them are rather large scabs b/c i over picked some damn clogged pores that nobody would have noticed if i didn't touch them:( I'm sick of living my life llike this...i think i'm even pushing my boyfriend away because i am so depressed....i hate my life:(
  10. They actually have an inflammatory property like bannans...
  11. Sucked spent all day/night saturday and sunday in my room being depressed about this damn acid burn on my face:( I have to go to work tomorrow...i'm absolutley dreading that, but i can't call in sick:(
  12. You look great...i think even with acne you still have a beautiful face...Congrats....go show off your face:)
  13. This always happens to me, when I'm starting to think things are good and I am feeling comfortable with my skin...someone opens there mouth....grrrrrrrrr Keep your head high
  14. I just did the same this with salylic acid today, i've had polysporin on it so far all day, i'm hoping it will heal quick:( You can get ice burn if you apply ice without a barrier b/w the ice and your skin and if you hold it there for more then 5 mins at a time. Glad it looks better.