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    I love music it helps me through the difficult times in life. I also enjoy meeting new people so feel free to pm, im, or e-mail me anytime. I am also a psychology major at GRCC.

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  1. Hey, I saw your progress pictures, your skin is looking amazing! And that was in May 2006, have you had any problems since you finished with Accutane? :)

    1. Hi how is your skin now after accutane?

      1. You probably are still getting break outs from the accutane. I had breakouts for about three months on accutane. However, once it starts getting better, you will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Once I was able to see my skin was improving I became much more patient with the accutane process. I just kept telling myself that tomorrow it will only look better. Hang in there.
      2. Hello, I am sorry to hear you have resorted to cutting yourself. I wish you could put a stop to this before it becomes too much a part of your life. I think the best way to overcome something like this is to figure out why you are cutting yourself. This is a difficult question to probably answer though. However, whenever you feel the need to cut yourself stop and think what caused me to do this. Was it because I looked into the mirror and felt bad about myself? Did a friend or family member insu
      3. Blueberri or billyboy do either of you have pictures you would not mind sharing with me? I would love to see how it worked ,like before and after, and compare my scars to yours. If that is not possible would you mind viewing my pictures and telling me what either of you think? My pictuture of my scars is on my xanga site listed as my signature below my messages.
      4. Mine are on my face.. just my chin though. I am going to ask my doctor about this. Has anyone had this done on their face?
      5. I just finished Accutane a few weeks ago and have been left with raised scars far above the skin. Has anyone else also experienced this? Although I do not have acne anymore it still looks as if I do. Is there any treatments that have worked for anyone?
      6. It will probably make you really dizzy at first for the next few days. For me it went away in less than a week.
      7. I believe they are the same thing. I have taken both and I see no difference in the generic brand and the regular Accutane.
      8. Sex: Female Age: 20 Weight: 102lbs Accutane Dosage:First Week:10mg, Month and three weeks: 40mg, 1 month: 80mg, 2months and now 100mg. Length of Treatment: Unknown (Started In September) Side Effects: Dry Lips and Hair, lower back pain.
      9. I am on keflex and accutane right now but in the past I was just on keflex. I don't know how bad your skin is but it did work for me when I only had a few cysts. When I went off keflex it did come back though. When I went back on it again my face was really horrible and it did not work the second time and I had to go on accutane. I hope it works for you. How many mg a day are you on? Oh, and I went on minocycline too.. and it did not do a thing for me so don't give up hope based on that.
      10. Although I experienced it yesterday I do not really know what acne surgery involves. That is what my doctor kept referring to it as. That is why I too am calling it that. I couldn't see what he was doing exactly but it he had something he kept injecting me with. I thought he was numbing it but I am not sure. What I am sure he does is inserts something in it in order drain the pimples. Perhaps a needle I am not sure. I just know that there was a lot of blood and it is really bruised and sore now.
      11. Today I had acne surgery.. I am on accutane and it doesn't seem to be helping me much. I am afraid that I am going to scar so badly so I keep crying a lot. Has anyone else had this ? how was the scarring? How long did it take to heal? It would just be nice to talk to someone who has had this done because I feel like I am the only one. thanks
      12. That is exactly what my doctor said that it would scar more to leave them. Did you have scar tissue build up under your skin by any chance? Are you clear now? I haven't had the chance to talk to many people who actually have cystic acne. So it seems like I have a ton of questions. And were you left with many scars?