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  1. Its really nice to hear so many views on my post. I feel now the post is taking a new direction in which people are talking about how inconsiderate and rude people can be towards acne scar suffers. Trust me I have had the worst things said to me , for example "what are those holes on my face", 'look at yourself and remember you should not hope to find a beautiful partner" etc etc, and these comments have come from the closest friends. Friends who really care for me but dont know how i feel about
  2. Hi all, I have been a reader of the posts here for over a year and have also posted some stuff here. I was and do suffer from pretty bad scarring from cystic acne caused over six years from my late teens. I did all i could to get rid of my scars peels, needling, smoothbeam and finally even collagen implants. After trying these treatments for over a year my scars improved 20%. Finally at my last visit to my derm( who is one of the best derms in australia) I realized that there wasnt much I co
  3. Hi, I finally found the derm i was looking for in australia. His name is doctor Grej Goodman and he practices in Toorak-Melbourne. I just saw him for the first time yesterday and he suggested that I first wait 2 months to get the Halaform filler that was injected into my scars to dissolve and then he would do a combination of Needling(which he called Skin Rolling), Subsicion and Blood Fusion(transferring my own blood into my scars so that they form a clot which would also stimulate clooagen g
  4. If i go for a treatment like subsicion OR needling. Could you please tell me which one would give better results,personal experiences would help. Which has a greater downtime and how much is it?. I have some deep big scars and some shallow scars. Ice pics, to rolling to boxscars.
  5. Firstly my apologies to any people I offended with the subject of my post. The real reason for me choosing such a topic was to get the attention of the people who really cared to post messages on this board so that my topic wouldn’t just be seen and forgotten. My current doc who did the 2 rounds of halaform injections on my scars and also a Jessners peel suggests that I apply a steroid cream and wait for my redness to go and till then maybe get another Jessners peel done. Though he is
  6. I am a 23 year old guy who has been reading stuff on your board for 6 months. I have really bad deep acne scarring from cystic acne for over 6 years on my cheeks. When I first started reading i was very optimistic that I would be able to find the best treatment for my scarring from the thousands of messages here. But finally all that I have learnt are a few fancy names of treatments that 'may' help my scarring. Everyone talks about how they started gettion some treatment done....but then no o