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  1. That's what I got, I've been using it for about a day or two now. So I wonder how it will do. Also I will be using the gillette mach 3 for the next few weeks to see if it is better than my eletric razor was.
  2. I am constantly getting ingrown hairs on my face. Which in turn cause those dam cysts. I have narrowed it down to my eletric razor, which is a norelco spectra 8894XL top of the line model. Now would it be a better idea to get another eletric razor or maybe start to use something like a gillette mach 3? I also just starting using tendskin so we'll see how that does. Also when do you apply tendskin after you shave or anytime? Anyone know whats best for ingrown hairs? Should I shave everyday or eve
  3. Well I just spent about 30 minutes trying to pop this dam cyst with a needle. It didn't do crap, now the cyst is bigger and it hurt now. Really dumb. I'm just really sick and tired of getting cysts. I wanted it to go away by today so when I went to work on monday it was almost gone. Now I'm sure peope will be staring at this huge thing on my face. What's funny is I'm taking tetracycline 500 mg and it has helped my simple white heads and black heads but it doesn't do crap for my cysts. I get at l
  4. Will not shaving for a few days help stop cysts and in grown hairs? I was wondering if I only shaved like ever 3 days or so, if iit might help the problem I'm having of getting like 1 or 2 cysts a month now. I have very thick facial hair and I'm wondering if the reason I'm getting so many cysts is because of in grown hairs. So I was thinking that if I let my facial hair grow out a little and then shave only like 2 days a week or 3 that maybe it will help reduce the cysts I'm getting. Is this a g
  5. How well does Clindamycin lotion work for cysts? I have a cyst forming on my jawline and the doctor gave me clindamycin lotion. Only thing is it looks just like something you could get over the counter. How well does this stuff really work for cysts? What is the best home remedy for cysts also? Thanks, Falcon26
  6. Exactly Dan, I get about 1 sometimes 2 a month and no other acne, no pimples just cysts. And I never got one until I hit 30. Getting old sucks, I've got a heat pad on it right now ) So growning out my beard a little wouldn't help my cyst problem? So I can just shave then? Also what do you recommend, a blade or a eletric razor? THanks, Karl
  7. Ok I gets these huge big cysts about once a month. I wash my face 3 times a day with all the special soaps you are supposed to use. I also take tetracycline twice a day. I use everything you can think of on my face, tee tree oil, clindamycin lotion, benzoly peroxide and nothing works. I still manage to get at least one cyst a month, and they are huge and red. I have an eletric razor and a mach 3 razor. I have tried using one or the other nothing works. I have a very thick facial hair. So if I do
  8. BTW I have noticed that when I apply the honey it does burn a little, is that normal? Karl
  9. Well I decided not to try and pop it. I have put honey on it ) I would like to see how that works. Alot of people are these boards hve said honey works well on cysts, so I guess I'll see. I'm also on tetracycline 500mg. What's funny is I have had acne on and off since I was a teenager. And not once did I get a cyst, not once. I turned 30 last year and I have gotten about 6 since then, go figure ( I'm beginning to wonder if it might be caused by my migraine medicine. Seems like everytime I take a
  10. I have a cyst on my chin. It looks and feels huge. Like its got tons of pus in it. Can I use a needle to pop it or release some pressure for it? I would soak the needle in hydrogen peroxide. Has anyone done this before. I really don't want to goto work with this huge thing on my chin ( Thanks, Karl
  11. I am always getting in grown hair in my face. I have an eletric razor and a mach 3 blade. Which one would be better for in grown hairs? Karl
  12. Ok I have been taking Midrin for my migraine headaches for about the last year or so. I have had acne on and off since I was a teenager, I am now 30 years old and I'm starting to get cysts on my face and neckline. I get one about every month or so. They get very very big and swollen and red. I have tried to pop them and nothing comes out. I have a very very thick facial hair when it comes out. I could probably have a full beard in a week if I let it grow out. Now I was my face 3 times a day I us